Сара Богданоска

Sara Bogdanoska (35 years old) is a graduate psychologist and has a master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology. The diopter she had caused her the most discomfort when she was driving a car. She felt incapable of carrying out her work responsibilities: attending events, seminars, workshops or everything related to reading and presenting, all because of her inability to capture them in full effect due to her poor eyesight.

“My last check-up at an ophthalmologist in Prilep confirmed my already existing desire to remove the glasses and end using them forever. I decided to have laser diopter correction and chose Sistina Ophthalmology. I can only say one thing – the laser diopter correction was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, as well as the choice of hospital, the whole team of Sistina Ophthalmology and Dr. Fanka Gilevska who performed the duties with amazing ease, spirit and professionalism.“

While in Germany, she heard good comments about laser diopter correction. After returning to her hometown of Prilep, she met a friend who has had a laser diopter correction. She felt it as a sign that it was time to do the laser vision correction in our eye hospital.

“I have always considered Sistina Ophthalmology as a renowned hospital, from which only stories with happy endings  come out. That was and still is my position. Reading the website and getting closer to my goal, I knew that Sistina Ophthalmology was my place for this step.”

Sarah underwent laser diopter correction during a pandemic.

“I came to you especially believing in the flawless system. Honestly the pandemic did not have a single percent on my decision. I had full confidence in the Sistina Ophthalmology team because you fully adhere to the measures taken by the Ministry of Health to fight the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Tip for initial examination and / or diagnosis
in case you have the same or similar condition:

Examination for laser vision correction

Refraction, visual acuity measurement, eye pressure measurement, evaluation of posterior segment, corneal analysis with Pentacam.




Detailed corneal analysis.


Follow-up after laser surgery

Examination after three months of laser vision surgery.


Laser vision correction – PRK

Price for one eye.



Laser vision correction – LASIK

Price for one eye.



The ophthalmologist reserves the right to suggest another type of examination and / or diagnosis depending on the established condition of the examination.

*The promotion is valid until 31.07.2021.