Ljiljana Gjoshevska (cataract surgery)

Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski and Liljana Gjoshevska

“I have opened my eyes, but I was having a crystal clear sight”

Ljiljana Gjoshevska (53 years) underwent cataract surgery of both eyes in our clinic. Ljiljana’s cataract is developed as a consequence of its condition – lupus (autoimmune disease).

In persons with autoimmune disease, eye condition/disease intervention may be performed. It is necessary to have an eye examination.

“I’ve been diagnosed with lupus for several years now because of my health problems. Among other things, I was diagnosed with cataracts and due to the diagnosis of lupus I didn’t know if I could do cataract surgery and who would do it best. I heard beautiful words with the recommendation of Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski and immediately came to his intervention without thinking. When the intervention was over, the doctor said to me, ‘Done, the intervention is over, now you may look a little blurry, but don’t fret it will clear up quickly.’ I opened my eyes but I was looking crystal clear! I thought to myself who I am to contradict, and it may be something instant, let me wait and see. To my great delight and to this day I look the same – crystal clear! “