Информации за тековно работење во услови на Ковид - 19



What do dehydration and health professionals have in common during COVID-19?

Many health professionals, during this pandemic and after returning to a normal course of work, report symptoms of dehydration.

Recommendations for wearing contact lenses and glasses during the Covid-19 pandemic

Given that there is no scientific information on the presence of the hydrophilic material virus (contact lenses), and that there is no evidence that humans can be infected through contact lenses, we still recommend certain precautions that everyone should take. who wears contact lenses during a pandemic.

What is diopter?

Have you been to an ophthalmologist and heard the terms myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia? Even though you wear glasses or contact lenses, are you still not sure what exactly the term diopter means? By definition: a unit of measurement of the refractive power of a lens equal to the reciprocity of the focal length [...]

The eyes of the Mona Lisa

Have you ever wondered, what is the secret of the eyes of the Mona Lisa? The Mona Lisa is the work of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci and her story is known all over the world, through the famous painting, movies, series, but also because of her eyes. Her painting is a real miracle, both [...]

Dry Eye

Even when a person laughs, their eyes fill with tears. Tears provide moisture to help with vision. What is a tear? It is a mix of water, oils, mucus. Dry eye can be created if the eye does not produce enough tears. Dry eye makes you feel uncomfortable. If the person has a dry eye, [...]

Spring time and our eyes

Spring has arrived, and with it the allergies. The eyes are red, itchy. How do we know it is an allergy and not an eye problem? What can we do to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year? Allergies can be caused by a variety of reasons, from pets to perfumes, so it does [...]

The connection between coffee and glaucoma

For some people, a cup of coffee in the morning is a must. Some people even use the expression "their eyes do not open" until they have taken a sip of coffee. However, even if the best thing is ingested too much becomes harmful. Consumption of a large amount of coffee (more than 3 coffees [...]

Why do you close your eyes to see better?

It often happens that you close your eyes while watching something. Although it seems like a normal everyday thing, it still means it's time for a checkup! Blinking is often an automatic mechanism for people whose vision is not clear without eye aids. They often do not feel that they are blinking while seeing something, [...]

Optical illusion and eyes

Have you ever thought about optical illusions? Do our eyes do tricks on our brain? To understand optical illusions, we must keep in mind that illusions affect our brain, not our eyes.   The visual system is made up of several moving parts   Although the eyes play a major role in seeing optical illusions, [...]