Око од блиску со симулација ласерска корекција на диоптрија.

Laser diopter correction is the most advanced method in the world for removing diopters. But not every person is a candidate for it. There are other methods that are effective and painless that can solve the visual problem.

 How do we know you are not a candidate for laser diopter correction?

At the laser correction examination, we perform tests and examinations with which we see if you meet the mandatory criteria in order to effectively solve your vision problem with this intervention.

Laser diopter correction removes diopters by remodeling the cornea (the transparent surface of the eye) to improve focus. The thickness of the cornea varies from person to person, so if your cornea is thin, we will suggest another method that suits you better.

 What methods of vision correction are possible?

If you are not a candidate for laser diopter correction, we recommend lens mounting methods that correct diopter / cylinder. The choice of lens is made according to your age and the health of your natural lens that is already in the eye.

In “Sistina Ophthalmology” we perform the following interventions:

Clear lens extraction means the replacement of the natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens that will correct the diopter and the cylinder. Although this procedure is identical to cataract surgery, it is performed on people who do not have cataracts (curtains), who belong to an older group of people who do not want their daily comfort to be disturbed because they have to wear glasses or contact lenses to perform their duties.

Bojan Krizaj is our patient who had multifocal lenses implanted for that reason: “After 50, my vision started to deteriorate and I had trouble reading, watching TV, driving at night. Sometimes my wife would order for me in a restaurant… because I could not read the menu… My life comfort started to be disturbed because I could no longer do without the glasses. “After the intervention, I function quite normally, I do my business tasks and I am active in sports – without restrictions.”

Phakic intraocular lenses


In younger people, who due to a thin cornea or very high diopters are not candidates for laser diopter correction, the implantation of phakic intraocular lenses is a good alternative.

Unlike clear lens extraction, natural lenses are not replaced by artificial lenses. A phakic lens is implanted in front of the natural lens, which can only be seen under a microscope. By comparison, a phakic lens is like a contact lens that you do not feel is in your eye and you do not have to worry about. If the diopter changes over time, the lens can be removed / replaced with another lens with a suitable diopter or some other type of lens without further damage to the eye.

Which method is the best choice for you?


Diopter correction methods are short and last from 10 to 30 minutes. They are completely painless and recovery after the intervention is short. At the review, based on the tests, we will explain which correction method is most suitable to successfully solve your vision problem.

Much of the decision about choosing lenses and the type of surgery depends on your character, desires, daily activities and profession. The ophthalmologist should find a way to correct the diopter that will give you complete satisfaction. There are different types of lenses (phakic, monofocal and multiple types of multifocal lenses). Particular importance for a positive response to surgery depends on good preparation (professional and of course psychological). That way the adaptation to the new and beautiful vision will be simpler and faster.

In “Sistina Ophthalmology” we have the most modern diagnostic equipment and a professional team that is always ready to help you.