Информации за тековно работење во услови на Ковид - 19



Program for education and prevention of eye complications from diabetes

Sistina Ophthalmology in partnership with diabetics in the fight for vision.

Sistina Ophthalmology at the Congress of the Association of Ophthalmologists of Macedonia

The team of Sistina Ophthalmology participated in the Congress of the Association of Ophthalmologists with international participation.

Sistina Ophthalmology along with Dr. Biljana Kostovska at the Congress of Ophthalmologists of Serbia

Sistina Ophthalmology is the first clinic in the country that implants this type of lens that enables clear vision in patients with over -10, -20 diopters.

For Healthy Eyes and Clear Vision in Children

The education and screening took place in cooperation with the Municipality, the schools, and the parents of the children who gave us unreserved support.

The occasion is the 8th of March … And these are women who make the world better for their patients

These are the 5 inspiring female ophthalmologists who with their profession make this place definitely better for their patients.

Dr. Fanka Gilevska finalist of the “Oscars for Scientists”

The Medis International Medical Research Competition is an international competition for outstanding research achievements in nine Central and Southeastern European countries and covers nine medical fields. These awards are a tribute to the outstanding doctors and pharmacists who, in addition to their regular work, conduct research without which there is no innovation in medicine and pharmacy, nor effective disease management.

Examination for people with diabetes

Detailed eye examination of the anterior and posterior segment and OCT analysis.

Post-COVID eye examination

For persons who have had COVID, with and without ocular symptoms.

“They saved my son’s vision after an eye injury from a scooter fall” – Martin Cvetkovski

“I thank Doctor Biljana Kostovska who operated on my son and saved his sight, but also the entire team that was here in the late hours, outside working hours, beside us. I will never forget the moment we entered the hospital.”

Notification of movement protocol during the visit to the hospital

Поради актуелната ситуација со коронавирусот, а во насока на превенција и заштита и безбедноста на пациентите, воведуваме посебен протокол на движење при посета на болницата.

The 4th diagnostic center of Sistina Ophthalmology in Stip was opened

“We are developing our hospital based on the experiences of patients and what they need.” – dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski

Sistina Ophthalmology ran the Business Race – First to the Top

Sistina Ophthalmology participated in the annual Business Race – First to the Top.

Women’s Health – We successfully and proudly walked in pink to raise awareness of women’s health

We successfully and proudly walked in pink to raise awareness of women’s health.

Cooperation with ABDSBD “Blood Donor” Skopje

As a sign of gratitude for the humanity they contribute, we provided the benefits of ophthalmological services to all members of the BLOOD DONOR Skopje in all our medical centers.

Prof. Dr. Nikica Gabrich “I experience what more than 1000 patients experience every year”

Prof. Dr. Nikica Gabrich, the founder and manager of our partner clinic “Svjetlost” performed surgery on his left eye and implanted an intraocular lens Synergy, the latest generation of multifocal lenses.