Информации за тековно работење во услови на Ковид - 19



“They saved my son’s vision after an eye injury from a scooter fall” – Martin Cvetkovski

“I thank Doctor Biljana Kostovska who operated on my son and saved his sight, but also the entire team that was here in the late hours, outside working hours, beside us. I will never forget the moment we entered the hospital.”

Notification of movement protocol during the visit to the hospital

Поради актуелната ситуација со коронавирусот, а во насока на превенција и заштита и безбедноста на пациентите, воведуваме посебен протокол на движење при посета на болницата.

The 4th diagnostic center of Sistina Ophthalmology in Stip was opened

“We are developing our hospital based on the experiences of patients and what they need.” – dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski

Sistina Ophthalmology ran the Business Race – First to the Top

Sistina Ophthalmology participated in the annual Business Race – First to the Top, which took place on Saturday (29.05.2021). The race took place on the quay of Vardar. A relay competition of 8 meters was held by companies from our country. Our team consisted of our trainees Dr. Kristina Shisharica, Dr. Kosta Shijakov, Dr. Agon [...]

Women’s Health – We successfully and proudly walked in pink to raise awareness of women’s health

We successfully and proudly walked in pink to raise awareness of women’s health.

Cooperation with ABDSBD “Blood Donor” Skopje

Во знак на благодарност за хуманоста која што ја прават овозможивме поволности на офталмолошки услуги на сите членови на здружението „Крводарител“ Скопје.

Prof. Dr. Nikica Gabrich “I experience what more than 1000 patients experience every year”

Откако професорот извршил неколку операции на вградување на овие леќи на пациенти, на крајот на истиот денот го замолил својот колега доц. спец. офталмолог Ратимир Лазиќ да го оперира.