Prof. Dr. Nikica Gabrich, the founder and manager of our partner clinic “Svjetlost” performed surgery on his left eye and implanted an intraocular lens Synergy, the latest generation of multifocal lenses.

After the Professor performed several surgeries to implant these lenses on patients, at the end of the same day he asked his colleague Assoc. spec. ophthalmologist Ratimir Lazic to operate on him.

“Here, a few hours after the intervention, I experience what more than 1,000 patients experience each year. The vision is better and I expect it to be 100% from tomorrow!” – Prof. Dr. Nikica Gabrich.

The intervention takes less than 5 minutes. It is completely safe and painless.

“As we age, our eyes lose their natural power to accommodate us and we begin not seeing well, not reading properly and so on. I have always believed that the patient should not be offered what they would not offer themselves.” -Prof. Dr. Nikica Gabrich.

This intervention is not the only intervention that the Professor has made. Fourteen years ago, his diopter was removed with laser diopter correction, and 3 years ago, his then latest multifocal Symfony lens, was implanted.