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Pentacam is a diagnostic device that uses a high-resolution Scheimpflug rotating camera and lighting system that provides accurate and reliable imaging and analysis of structures in the anterior segment of the eye such as the cornea, iris and natural lens.

Pentacam is considered the gold standard for topographic imaging of the cornea. At the same time, with this device, the front and back segment of the eye are recorded and it is determined whether there are certain anomalies in the back of the eye for which there are still no symptoms.

Images take only 2 seconds to obtain and do not require any eye contact. A 3-dimensional virtual model of the anterior segment is then constructed and approximately 25,000 data points are used to calculate corneal topography and anterior and posterior surface elevation, total corneal power, and anterior chamber depth and volume among other parameters. These parameters indicate whether the eye is healthy.


With pentacam the ophthalmologist examines:

  • corneal thickness;
  • curvature of the cornea;
  • surface roughness caused by injuries or infections;
  • keratoconus and other corneal ectasias;
  • corneal dystrophies;
  • corneal degenerations;
  • chronic and severe corneal dryness.


Pentacam is a completely painless diagnostic procedure. A scan is done on your eye.

This is done by placing your head on the support elements of the appliance. The recording of one eye begins first, which you need to keep open. Once the first eye has been recorded, the second eye continues to be recorded in the same way.

The procedure can be repeated several times for better analysis and comparison.

The recording takes place in a dark room.

It is not performed

Pentacam can be performed in both children and adults.


This procedure is performed on the eye without physical contact and without radiation.


There is a possibility to pay in installments without interest and additional costs.

You can check more about the payment method on the current price list of Sistina Ophthalmology.


Detailed corneal analysis.