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PLX Academy


“We design our caring model based on EXPERIENCES of our Patients, Employees, and wider Community“

Dr. Vesna Cado, Chief Experience Officer

Patient Experience Philosophy

Human Experiences are the main focus of eye hospital Sistina Oftalmologija. We develop and design our hospital based on the experiences of our patients, of our employees, and the wider community. We understand what patients need and we know how to do it. We strive to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service, at every touchpoint at the patient journey. We implement the model of Patient Luxury Experience (PLX) offering more than excellent clinical care – but a model that addresses every aspect of a patient’s encounter with Sistina Oftalmologija, including the patient’s physical comfort, as well as their educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Formalizing our commitment to this important work, Sistina Oftalmologija was the first major academic medical center in the region to make patient experience a strategic goal, the first to appoint a Chief Experience Officer, and one of the first medical centers to establish an Office of Patient Experience. Led by Dr. Vesna Cado, the Office of Patient Experience’s mission is to ensure consistent focus on experiences by partnering with caregivers to exceed the expectations of patients and families.

Best practices are used in healthcare to deliver quality care that promotes optimal outcomes. The Office of Patient Experience has been identifying best practices throughout the central hospital and its Diagnostic Centers to streamline patient experience initiatives and has dedicated staff who serve as experts in each domain. They monitor and control policies and trends through constant surveys and analyses. They also perform unit observations to sustain best practices, which are promoted and shared so that other Diagnostic Centers of Sistina Oftalmologija may replicate.

PLX Academy

Knowledge is power. Therefore, we have established an Educational Center PLX Academy as our partner lead by Dr. Vesna Cado, to serve as Research and Innovation Center for our developing strategies and as advisory resource for critical initiatives across Sistina Oftlamologija Application of the latest academic research in clinical and healthcare management provide resources and data analytics; identify, support, and publish sustainable best practices; and collaborate with all the units to ensure the consistent delivery of care focused on human experiences of patients, employees, and wider community.

We train our employees based on what’s actually important to our patients understanding our patients, allows us to build a customized training program to educate employees on how to empathize more with patients, care about their issues, and interact with them seamlessly. The PLX Academy team also provides education in communication, survey, and patient journey. They also work together with leadership to uncover feedback trends and help prioritize experience improvement efforts.

How We Measure Patient Experience

Sistina Oftalmologija builds on Human Experiences of its patients, employees and wider community. We value and share our positive survey scores and written compliments with our dedicated staff to reassure them in their daily efforts.

We continually review opportunities to improve the patient experience. By monitoring real-time patient feedback, employees’ needs and remarks, and social needs of the community we are part of, PX and HR department in cooperation with PLX Academy review results and prioritize patient experience improvement objectives.

PLX Academy as research and Innovation center conducts surveys and analyses designed and regulated according to latest academic research and world best practices in measuring patient luxury experiences.

People will forget what you said and did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


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Prevent your health with regular eye exams

Regular ophthalmological examinations will not only save your eyesight but you can also prevent or detect other health problems. Research shows that through a detailed eye examination, early signs of many diseases can be detected and the health of the body as a whole can be seen.

Famous actors and eye conditions

Even famous actors suffer from serious health and eye conditions. Your favorite celebrities walking on the red carpet in fancy dresses may have the same eye problems as you.

Blindness of famous writers across history

How can a writer continue to work having lost the faculty to see the sliding of the pen or the movement of the letters across the screen?  Reading, too, becomes a struggle, forcing the author to depend on books being read aloud or to learn a tactile writing system like Braille.  From Homer to Borges, for some legendary authors, loss of sight was a terrible obstacle, while for others it was a changing force, one that ultimately became integral to the work and creativity of the author.

Does smoking affect the eyes?

Researches consistently show that smoking increases the risk of developing eye diseases. Smokers are 16 times more likely to have sudden vision loss due to optic neuropathy than non-smokers, or blockage of the blood vessels that feed the eye.

What to do about a scratched eye?

You can sustain an eye injury in almost any setting, whether you are outdoors or relaxing at home. Housework and sports are two of the most common causes of eye injuries. However, even cooking or playing with your dog or cat can get you a scratched eye.

Eyes can express the true biological age of an individual

The eyes may offer a “window into the soul,” as poets say, but they also have a lot to say about your health. A new study, which researchers say is the first of its kind, says the retina may also be able to provide us with an easy, noninvasive way to determine our body’s true biological age – which may or may not mirror our chronological age.

Eye Problems in Premature Babies

Retinopathy of prematurity is an eye problem that happens to premature babies, an eye disorder that can lead to vision loss.  The good news is that not  all babies born prematurely develop the condition and most cases go away without treatment.  Аn eye exam, in the first weeks after birth, is the only way to detect and solve the problem.

Exercise can provide relief for dry, itchy eyes

Physical activity, in addition to being important for our well – being, greatly affects eye health and visual quality.  Researchers at the University of Waterloo have found that exercise increases the secretion of tear fluid, which reduces their drying and relieves itching.

10 things you did not know about how pregnancy can affect vision

Физичките и хормоналните промени во бременоста влијаат на здравјето на очите и на видот во целина. Студија на American Optometric Association, открива дека една од шест жени, во бременоста доживува промени во видот, а дури две од пет жени не се свесни за тоа. Кои се 10 те најважни работи што треба да ги знаете.

Alcohol is not safe for people with Macular Degeneration

New research shows that you may have to deal with the no-alcohol challenge, especially if you are in a group of people who have age-related macular degeneration, the most common cause of blindness. According to a recent study published in Current Eye Research, moderate to high alcohol consumption was linked to a higher incidence of early Age-related macular degeneration, compared with people who didn’t drink or who drank occasionally.

Protect your eyes from polluted air

According to some studies on pollution, polluted air can destroy eye health and eyesight in general. Long-term air pollution exposure can cause dry eye condition, watering and burning sensations, impaired vision, and even glaucoma and the consequences can be irreversible. Pollutants in the environment can also develop chemical conjunctivitis.

Keep eyes closed to perceive others’ emotions

If we want to feel empathetic towards others’ feelings, we should listen to them with our eyes closed. In that way, we can be completely focused on the voice and on studying vocalization of emotions.