Информации за тековно работење во услови на Ковид - 19


We are dedicated to everyday improvement of our methods of treatment order to enable best medical care to the people and the families of the community we belong to.

We are the leading hospital in the region, having the expertise of the medical staff, cutting edge technology and true care for your needs that will give you a better view to the world around you and will improve your life.

Of all rights, the greatest is the human right of sight.

Being part of the Group of the University clinic Svjetlost from Zagreb, at multiple levels, we follow and implement the highest standards in the treatment of all possible eye illnesses.

We are continuously dedicated to growth in all our segments, especially in the area of support and building young and perspective ophthalmologic residents. We grow the culture of PX because we strongly believe that each patient is unique together with the solution to his problem.

“We know what our patients need and we know how to do it.”

Thank you for your trust.

Sistina Ophthalmology Skopje

e-mail: contact@sistinaoftalmologija.mk
Phone: +389 2 30 97 000
Phone: +389 70 351 008
„Skupi“ 5А, 1000
Skopje, N. Macedonia

Sistina Ophthalmology Bitola

e-mail: bitola@sistinaoftalmologija.mk
Phone: +389 47 226-900
Phone: +389 70 355-900
st. „Nikola Tesla“ no. 158
Bitola, N. Macedonia

Sistina Ophthalmology Gostivar

E-mail: gostivar@sistinaoftalmologija.mk
Phone: +389 42 810 800
Phone: +389 72 809 800
st: „Pavle Avramovski“ nm. 54
1230 Gostivar, N. Macedonia

Sistina Ophthalmology Tetovo

E-mail: tetovo@sistinaoftalmologija.mk
Phone: +389 44 357 111
Phone: +389 72 799 111
blvd. Vidoe Smilevski Bato  nm.1 -1/7
1200 Tetovo, N. Macedonia

Sistina Ophthalmology Stip

E-mail: stip@sistinaoftalmologija.mk
Phone: +389 32 307 100
Phone: +389 71 220 206
blvd. JNA nm.2
2000, N. Macedonia