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We are the leading eye hospital in the region offering professional medical care for every eyesight problem.
Our goal is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives and build trustful relationships.

Our experienced and knowledgeable medical staff, latest technological advances and transformational caring model are perfect and unique match for our success for more than a decade.

Sistina Oftalmologija is the first private eye hospital with educational program for medical residency in the area of ophthalmology. We partnered  with University clinic Svjetlost, Croatia and  Faculty of Medicine in Shtip, N. Macedonia. Our hospital has more than 10 young, perspective and successful ophthalmologic residents that we are proud of.

We continuously invest in knowledge of our medical and management staff at multiple levels. Our daily practice and partnership with University clinic Svjetlost from Zagreb, enables us to develop, implement and follow the latest technological advancements and innovations in ophthalmology according to world standards. Application of the innovative management model of growth: Patient Luxury Experience (PLX) in daily operations, guarantees the highest quality of our medical care and economic growth of our hospital.

Sistina Oftalmologija is the only eye hospital in the closer region  with hospital in Skopje and 4 Diagnostic Centers within the country: Bitola, Tetovo, Gostivar and Shtip. Investing resources in the worst time for humanity (Covid-19) to come closer to those in need, was much appreciated by the patients and wider community.

We are thankful to our employees for their dedication and to our patients for their trust.

Sistina Oftalmologija,

Your trustful eye care partner


Sistina Ophthalmology is a leading private eye hospital in the country with 4 diagnostic centers, which offers top medical care for all eye diseases and for the whole family. Through continuous investment in the expertise of our staff, the specialization program, as well as investment in medical equipment, new technologies and communication with our patients, we successfully achieve the best possible vision and positive experiences for all of them.

The patient in focus, through the best possible medical care, satisfying their needs and expectations in choosing the solution for their problem.

The safety and integrity of patients and our employees is our priority, while treating all patients, their loved ones and employees with empathy and high ethics.

Leader in the use of innovative solutions in ophthalmology in terms of top equipment and continuous education of the medical staff.

Development of future professionals in the field of ophthalmology, ensuring sustainability in the best possible outcomes and quality of service through the commitment of every single member of our team.