“Sistina Oftalmologija” is the first private hospital in N. Macedonia, founded in 2010, that offers complete diagnosis and surgical treatment of all vision problems and which has continuously increased its growth and scope of work across the country’s borders. From the very beginning, we follow and apply the latest technical and technological trends in ophthalmology and invest in the knowledge of our team, meeting the needs of our increasingly educated patients thus enabling them a higher standard, quality and comfort in their daily lives.

The strategic partnership with the Clinic “Svjetlost” and Professor Gabrić in 2016 has upgraded and increased the scope of the hospital work with the start of the refraction department and hiring additional medical staff. At the beginning there were only 9 employees, today the hospital has more than 80, with 8 ophthalmologists, 6 professors, and doctors of science and more than 10 residency doctors. From the very beginning, Sistina Oftalmologija has signed an agreement with the State Medical Fund, thus enabling part of the surgical interventions in the hospital to be available to all insured persons.

We are an eye hospital that has been fully committed to creating positive experiences for our patients and all those who need our help, now for more than 12 years!

We design our caring model based on EXPERIENCES of our patients, employees and wider community. We create and live the philosophy of Patient Experience (PX) because we believe that:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

Strategic partnership with “Svjetlost”, Croatia 


As a result of a long-standing friendship between Dr. Arnaudovski and Dr. Gabrić, in 2016, “Sistina Oftalmologija” and “Svjetlost”, began a strategic partnership whereas the hospital in Skopje upgraded its scope of work both qualitatively and quantitatively.

By opening a refractive department, “Sistina Oftalmologija” has set higher standards in ophthalmology in R.N. Macedonia, introducing new interventions and technological innovations that significantly improve the comfort and quality of life of its patients. At the same time, the collaboration with “Svjetlost” enabled the professional development and exchange of experiences between ophthalmologists from both centers in the management of new technologies from the sacred ophthalmological practice. This especially refers to the education, additional training, residency and professional practice of young staff in the Clinic “Svjetlost”, which is also the first private university clinic in Croatia.

We are investing in our future

Sistina Oftalmologija is the first eye hospital that has signed agreement with University clinic Svjetlost from Zagreb and University in Stip, Faculty of Medicine for medical residency in the area of ophthalmology. We have more than 10 young, perspective and successful ophthalmologic residents that we are proud of.

We continuously invest in knowledge of our medical and management staff at multiple levels. Our daily practice and partnership with University clinic Svjetlost from Zagreb, enables us to develop, implement and follow the latest technological advancements and innovations in ophthalmology according to world standards.

We live Patient Experience philosophy

Best practices are used in healthcare to deliver quality care that promotes optimal outcomes. The Office of Patient Experience has been identifying best practices throughout the central hospital and its Diagnostic Centers to streamline patient experience initiatives and has dedicated staff who serve as experts in each domain. They monitor and control policies and trends through constant surveys and analyses. They also perform unit observations to sustain best practices, which are promoted and shared so that other Diagnostic Centers of Sistina Oftalmologija may replicate.

PLX growth model

“We design our caring model based on HUMAN EXPERIENCES of our Patients, Employees, and wider Community“

We strive to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service, at every touchpoint at the patient journey. We implement the model of Patient Luxury Experience (PLX) offering more than excellent clinical care – but a model that addresses every aspect of a patient’s encounter with Sistina Oftalmologija, including the patient’s physical comfort, as well as their educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Knowledge is power

 We believe that success is always the result of knowledge and mutual understanding and hard work. Therefore, “Sistina Oftalmologija” in the past 12 years, independently and in cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies and citizens’ associations, has organized numerous consultations and lectures for the general population on various topics: cataract interventions with monofocal and multifocal lenses, diopter correction, vitrectomy, glaucoma, strabismus and so on. So far, more than 300 lectures and conferences have been held, which were visited by about 5,000 citizens on various topics in the field of ophthalmology. With great pride we can say that we organize an annual congress for ophthalmologists, whereas an active part take more than 250 doctors and residents in the field of ophthalmology from the wider region.

Using academic knowledge and best practices, the PX Office team continuously educates staff in various areas of communication with patients and the general public and creates a positive atmosphere for the work of hospital employees and milieu for creating positive experiences with patients.

Regional expansion with new diagnostic centers

SO is the first and the only eye hospital in the closer region that offers eye care in 4 Diagnostic Centers within the country in Bitola, Tetovo, Gostivar and Stip together with the eye hospital in Skopje.

Investing resources in the worst time for humanity (Covid-19) to come closer to those in need, was much appreciated by the patients and wider community.

Систина Офталмологија Штип

We are part of the community in which we live

“Sistina Oftalmologija” together with its employees continuously builds a culture of investing in the community through various projects that we believe will help it improve. Sistina Oftalmologija staff invested more than 4,000 hours of volunteer work through lectures for citizens to raise awareness about eye diseases. We are supporters of numerous events and manifestations in the field of culture. And at times when it is needed, we organize humanitarian actions to help the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

Digital transformation


In 2020, we took another step forward, primarily by introducing digitalization into our business. For all those patients who for various reasons could not come to the hospital, in order to enable continuity in their medical care, we have introduced new ways of providing medical care through: open telephone lines for consultation with doctor, webinars with our doctors on various ophthalmic topics, as well as the possibility for individual online doctor-patient consultations.

Our patients’ experiences

“I had the feeling that the doctor was with me the whole time, with my problem and especially with me as a person. She was here with me all the time. And I don’t mean that only physically, but with her feelings and thoughts. It seems to me that I’m not just a number, rather appreciated, out of the feeling that she is still with me with all her attention. It was honest, not superficial. To experience such full attention is a luxury for me.” (Matea 30)

“I will never forget these close moments of luxury. I realized I was afraid of doctors and their white coats. She (the doctor) was special, she took off her white coat every time we met. She was fully aware of my inner feelings.” (Magdalena, 49)

“I am very grateful to the nurse for being with me all the time. I just don’t have the words to describe it. It was a luxury for me. I felt that she cared for me as much as she cared for her child.” (Snežana, 35)

“I feel like I had visited a psychologist who listens to you, who understands your worries and fears. You feel relieved after the conversation.” (Biserka, 41)

Many celebrities have entrusted their eyes to us: Bojan Krizhaj – world famous skier, Pero Antich – NBA player, Grigor Koprov – famous composer, Igor Djambazov – actor.