“Although everyone tells how they got to the doctor, how the examinations went and how they agreed with the doctor for intervention, I will start our story at Sistina Ophthalmology from the end.”

Martin Cvetkovski is the father of three and a half year old Mateo, who came to our clinic with an eye injury after Mateo fell while riding a scooter.

“I thank Doctor Biljana Kostovska who operated on my son and saved his sight, but also the entire team that was here in the late hours, outside working hours, beside us. I will never forget the moment we entered the hospital. Everything was so calm, we followed all the COVID protocols and the nurses were nice, and the doctor was immediately ready to operate on Mateo. All three of us calmed down and no longer felt the panic and fear that was between us. The operation lasted several hours, and Mateo’s sight was saved. “We performed the controls after the operation according to all protocols, and Mateo is now good and his vision is improving every day.”

Mateo fell and hit the handle while riding his scooter. Although at first it seemed as if he had been hit a little, the fact that he kept his eye completely closed was a sign to his parents that he had a problem. After an initial examination at another institution, they were told that surgery would be needed.

“We didn’t know what to do and where to go and who would undertake to operate on Mateo. On recommendation, and the fact it was late at night, I called the doctor in fear so that she would take us in and see Mateo. “After we made an appointment by phone, we immediately went to Sistina Ophthalmology.”

After the examination in our clinic, the need for urgent surgery was confirmed to save the eye and vision of the child.

“The patient came with a cut on the cornea (front of the eye), along the entire length from top to bottom with a large leak in the inner part of the eye, the patella. It can be seen as a large brown line protruding above the eye (bulge contusion, corneal rupture, and sclera with iris prolapse). Fortunately, it was operated on time without the risk of infection and the variegated part was completely returned. “The child sees two rows of the board in a para-centrically placed position after just 3 weeks of surgery.” – explained Dr. Biljana Kostovska.

Sistina Ophthalmology has been working non-stop since the beginning of the pandemic, managing to provide patients with timely medical care when they need it most. Additionally, due to the new trends in secure communication imposed by the COVID crisis, our hospital has created more informative content and developed innovative digital solutions such as online consultation and electronic payment, thus helping all those who do not want or cannot personally come but have the need of an eye doctor.

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