How to build trustful partnerships and healthcare systems with Patient at the center, was the central theme of the 10th Global Patients Congress held on 19 – 20 May 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland, organized by IAPO ( international association od Patient Organizations) and supported by WHO( World Health Organization).

Dr. Vesna Cado as representative of Sistina Oftalmologija and PLX Academy has shared her views, actions and barriers in implementing patient experience and safety initiatives through both institutions. Increasing the awareness on Patient Experience and Safety in South-Eastern Europe requires even more intellectual effort, partnerships and funding, if change is wanted to be seen. To bring about that change, several actions can be considered: education and trainings, public awareness campaigns, regulatory policies, collaborations among relevant stakeholders, data research, and patient engagement. International support for capacity-building programs through grant opportunities is also essential for development and implementation of patient experience and safety initiatives.

According to Dr. Neelam Dhindra, Unit Head at the Department of Integrated Health Services at World Trade Organization (WHO) one of the objectives (the forth one) of the WHO Patient Safety programme is focused on health workers’ education, skills and safety through establishment of Centers of excellence, education and training. Those centers should inspire and educate healthcare workers with comprehensive training on communication skills, patient-centered care and quality improvement methodologies to foster safety environment and long-lasting relationships with their patients.

Future of health care will predominantly rely on genomic medicine, digital health, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. To preserve the human touch and safety in health care, patients must be a co-designers of this new world where more emphasis will be given to making health care more predictive, preventative, personalized and participatory.