Dr. Vesna Cado – Co-founder & Managing partner / Chief Experience Officer / Researcher

Dr. Cado, is a co-founder and managing partner at the first private eye hospital: “Sistina Oftalmologija” in the country, for more than 12 years. She is a passionate researcher transforming the latest academic research into best practise strategies. She has established and lead the first of a kind Office of Patient Experience in the region and established a PLX Academy as research and Innovative centre for education in healthcare management. She has  a Master’s degree (MPPM) at the University of Pittsburgh,USA, and holds a Doctorate at the International University of Monaco with special interest on consumer experiences and communication in luxury healthcare. She combines academic research and managerial practice in healthcare to support growth in her personal and professional career.

She stands behind the moto “Knowledge is power”. She believes that research activities conducted in close link to business community boost innovation, ensure corporate social responsibility and business sustainable development. She was published in Journal of BusinessResearch, and her work was presented at IRMBAM IPAG Business School in France, as well as healthcare conferences in Nice, Barcelona, Zurich, Monaco. In the peak of the pandemic, PXJ has published her article on Best Practices in Eye Care during Covid-19; among articles from John Hopkins medical system and Stanford medical school.

Another publication for scientific research “What will drive future hospitals?” on the future hospital development trends was published in the prestigious JPX by Sage Journal. The analysis lists four main trends that hospitals will need to follow if they want to ensure stability and growth in operations: hybrid models, digital solutions, employee care, and additional research in the field of Patient Experience.

Dr. Vesna Cado is a member of DBA Curriculum Committee at the International University of Monaco and its Experience ambassador for the doctoral program.  She holds several certificates on medical team communication by Oxford Medical, accredited by CPD Healthcare and Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. She is member of EPIC. Dr. Cado often lectures, writes and publishes blogs and articles on patient luxury experiences, communication in healthcare and digital transformation.

Dr.Vesna Cado has been awarded for Best DBA thesis by the International University of Monaco and Conseil National de Monaco. Our hospital proves that the Patient Luxury Experience model built on Human experiences makes a positive difference to patients’ experiences and expectations and strengthens the competitive edge of hospitals.