Dr. Vesna Cado – Co-founder & Managing partner / Chief Experience Officer / Researcher

Dr. Cado is has a long experience in healthcare management as co-founder and managing partner at eye hospital: “Sistina Oftalmologija” and founder of PLX Academy. She holds a Doctorate at the International University of Monaco with special interest on patient experiences, organization and communication in luxury healthcare. She received prestigious Best Thesis Award for her PLX model, assigned by IUM and National Council of Monaco.

In her work, Dr. Cado combines academic research and managerial practices to create strategies for positive patient experiences, employees’ wellbeing and economic growth of hospitals. She believes that research activities conducted in close link to business community boost innovation, ensure corporate social responsibility and business sustainable development.

Her research work was published in Journal of Business Research, in Patient Experience Journal, in IJQHC Communication (Oxford Academic), Journal of Patient Experience. She is a member of DBA Curriculum Committee at the International University of Monaco. She lectures, trains at PLX Academy and participates on conferences related to advancement of quality of care through sound managerial practices and communication strategies. Dr. Cado is an owner of Yellow Belt Certificate from Kaizen Institute.