GRNP Lisbon – A global program to connect retinologists from Europe, this year was held in Lisbon on May 13 and 14, at the Estriol Congress Center, which was attended by our ophthalmologist and surgeon, Dr. Fanka Gilevska.

“The event began with a review of the achievements in the treatment of retinal diseases in the last 10 years and continued with a discussion in which we discussed future treatments and whether we currently have an optimal treatment that is available and effective to consider that we have achieved our goal – solution for retinal diseases.

The debate was led by prof. Michael Stuart from the Mayo Clinic, and in addition prof. Mike Uhlbig from the Technical University of Munich looked at alternative approaches and outlined future expectations in treatment with these approaches.

Particularly interesting was the workshop of Javier Ventura from the Clinical Hospital in Barcelona, who made a review of the treatment protocols, and together with us laid the groundwork for possible changes to the protocols that would enable more successful treatment. We are encouraged in this part because in our hospital we follow world trends and we have confirmed that our individualized regimens do not deviate from how it is done at the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona. We could boast of our experiences and our success in the treatment of patients, especially with senile macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema. Dr. Funka said.

On the second congress day, the main topic was artificial intelligence in medicine and ophthalmology – its technical, practical and ethical aspects. “About the possible application of artificial intelligence in practice, as soon as possible and our connection to the world’s databases. We are looking forward to the new diagnostic tools, which are still in the research phase. They promise a lot, in terms of early diagnosis, very precise and at the cellular level, and their application in very early diagnosis of neurological or cardiac conditions.” – explained Dr. Fanka.

Also, the Vision Academy platform was presented at the congress for daily and timely information about all the novelties in the treatment of retinal diseases and their application in our hospital.

The Congress enabled exchange and friendship between colleagues from other countries, as well as the establishment of further contacts and exchange of knowledge and the opportunity for consultation when dilemmas arise in daily practice, during treatment of patients in our country.