Association of blood donors and supporters of blood donation BLOOD DONOR strives every day to provide assistance to those who need it most! Voluntary blood donation is a reflection of high ethical, humane, and moral values. To donate blood and save someone’s life, driven by altruistic motives, is a noble deed. With just one donated bag of blood, they can save up to 3 or 4 lives. This is because more products are made from one unit of whole blood.

As a sign of gratitude for the humanity they contribute, we provided the benefits of ophthalmological services to all members of the Association of Blood Donors and Supporters of Blood Donation BLOOD DONOR Skopje in all our medical centers.

In order to take advantage of us, you should make an appointment on our telephone numbers (02 / 3097-000; 070 / 351-008), noting that you are a member of the association. As a verification it will be necessary to show your membership card on the day of the appointment.

For more information and access to membership of this Association you can read more on their website:

Because blood donors deserve it!