new diagnostic center Sistina Ophthalmology Stip

We opened the fourth diagnostic center, this time in Stip. Many of the employees came to the opening, all together to celebrate the start of operations of the diagnostic center in Stip.

Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski talks about our new diagnostic center in Stip

“We are developing our hospital based on the experiences of patients and what they need. In the last few years, especially during the crisis caused by the COVID 19 virus, it has become necessary to be closer to our patients and to take care of the health of their eyes, near their homes. In the Diagnostic Centers, citizens will be able to do several different ophthalmological examinations, and if necessary there is an opportunity for intervention with Anti-VEGF therapies. For more serious surgical interventions, patients will be referred to the Central Hospital in Skopje in a coordinated and continuous manner. The same day, they can return home. Their condition is monitored, postoperatively, in the Diagnostic Centers. Sistina Ophthalmology is the only and largest eye hospital, which has diagnostic centers in Bitola, Tetovo, Gostivar and Stip”- says Zlatko Arnaudovski, Medical Director of Sistina Ophthalmology.

In the diagnostic center in Stip, all types of examinations of the anterior and posterior segment of the eyes can be performed, including refractive examinations, cataract examinations, examinations for people with diabetes, as well as all emergency examinations. Ophthalmic conditions associated with diopter changes, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, ocular bleeding, various infections, and keratoconus are diagnosed. The Diagnostic Center has top diagnostics: OCT, field of view, eye ultrasound, biometrics and pachymmetry, as well as a modernly equipped surgical room for small interventions and application of Anti-VEGF treatments.

“Our patients are of different ages. There are no age limits for our interventions. In younger patients, aged over 18 to 35 years, we usually remove the diopter with a laser. In patients older than fifty years, we successfully diagnose and remove cataracts by implanting different types of lenses from world-renowned manufacturers, for those who want comfort in their lives. The modern surgery we perform allows the installation of specially designed multifocal lenses for the specific needs of each patient individually. In the Diagnostic Center in Stip, we have a small operating room. Elea and Avastin may be given to patients with diabetes. In the operating room we will perform interventions on the eyelids and conjunctivitis” – says Todorce Josev, specialist ophthalmologist in the Diagnostic Center in Stip.

The official opening was attended by the Mayor of Stip, Dr. Sashko Nikolov and representatives of the municipality, the Dean and Professors from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Stip, together with numerous medical personnel from the private and public health institutions from the region.