Доктори од Систина Офталмологија на биро одговараат на прашања за ласерска корекција на диоптрија.

Today’s ophthalmic surgery solves eye problems much faster, more efficiently and simply. Eye interventions that for ophthalmologists in the past were unsolvable or required a complex approach to be successfully solved, are now performed in one day.

An example of this is the laser diopter correction which in only 10 minutes removes diopters. The very notion of laser when it is associated with the eye arouses mistrust and fear and as a result, follows a series of logical questions about the procedure that we receive on the day of the laser correction examination of our patients.

Here are some answers to the most common questions related to this intervention.

Can I go blind from laser diopter correction?

Laser diopter correction is safe and fast (takes 5 minutes). It is performed with a computer-controlled laser, directing the rays to a specific location and holding the eyelids during the intervention to prevent the eye from blinking. It is also very important to consult an experienced surgeon in this field who has modern technology. At Sistina Ophthalmology we work with specialized equipment that provides safety during and after laser diopter correction, so there are no complications that can permanently damage vision.

This intervention has been performed in the world for more than 30 years, and has been performed by more than 50 million people, including world celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Elton John, Courtney Cox and others.

Do I have to be awake during the operation?

Yes, because the intervention lasts so short that there is no need for general anesthesia because it can cause additional complications to the body that are not related to the eyes. The preparation for the intervention consists of a sedative that will help you calm your anxiety and anesthetic drops so that you do not feel pain, while the laser only takes 1 minute to remodel your cornea. If you can look at a single point for 45 seconds (just as much as you need to watch the scoreboard) then you can do this.

Will my diopter return with my pregnancy?

Changes in the eyes during pregnancy are rare, and most often the change in diopters during pregnancy is temporary and returns to normal with the normalization of hormonal status after delivery. Our experience so far has shown that women who underwent laser diopter correction before becoming pregnant did not have their diopter returned during pregnancy. So, you are free to do the intervention even though you are not yet a mother.

Does the laser remove only the diopter, not the cylinder (astigmatism)?

Astigmatism means that the surface of your eye is unevenly distorted in some places. With the laser correction of diopter, we solve all the irregularities of the cornea, so we remove the + -6 cylinder (astigmatism).

Is dry eye after the intervention permanent?

About 6 weeks after the laser diopter correction, your eyes will be dry and you will need to use drops (artificial tears). Recent research shows that 6 months after surgery, 99% of patients no longer have any dry eye symptoms. Patients who for many years, for more than 8 hours a day, wear contact lenses (especially soft ones), develop a tear system disorder due to which the dryness can be longer than 6 months. Therefore, if you wear contact lenses, it is recommended to use artificial tears and daily drip while wearing contact lenses.

Can you guarantee the success of the intervention?

The guarantee for the success of the intervention is the detailed examination for laser diopter correction. Based on the pentacam analysis and other tests, we analyze whether you meet all the criteria needed to perform this intervention. If that is not the case, do not be discouraged – there are other solutions from the Department of Refractive Surgery that will result in your success based on the condition of your eyes.