Do your glasses make you restricted in sports while your contact lenses hurt or you can not tolerate them?  Or, you want to read the menu in a restaurant, but you forgot your glasses?
In such moments the desire for independence from optical aids in life is huge. The importance of good eyesight is especially felt in old age when the blurring of our natural lens often occurs, i.e. there is a cataract (curtain) or presbyopia (aging farsightedness), which severely limits our vision and makes daily life much heavier. As a specialist ophthalmologist, I have had many patients so far who, in addition to their curtain, also considered wearing glasses.
When patients come to our clinic they are overjoyed when we tell them that in addition to cataracts, their diopters will be removed. Their joy is immense because a new life begins for them, without eye aids. But how to get a clear view?
Fortunately, in the treatment of cataracts (curtains) new methods are constantly introduced, and with the multifocal lenses of the latest generation AcrySof IQ PanOptix that we implant in our clinic, you will have excellent quality of visual acuity, a wide range of distances and with them no need to wear glasses while doing your daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning, playing cards, watching TV, looking at the phone or using a tablet, shopping and more.
With the AcrySof ® IQ ® PanOptix lens, you will also see at a medium distance, which is useful for example when working on a laptop because then you are in a relaxed position with your outstretched hand. Especially at this distance, the AcrySof ® IQ PanOptix lenses provide you with excellent vision, thanks to their working distance of 60 cm. Also, these lenses provide the best possible visibility in all lighting conditions, which is especially important when driving at night because with them, you direct the light in your eyes in such a way that you can maintain the best visibility, even in limited conditions of brightness.
Аutor: Dr. Ilir Osmani