ласерска корекција на диоптрија

Known as 5 W – Who, What, When, Where, Why – are the most frequently asked journalistic questions, the basis of every story. With the answers to these questions you will learn everything you need to know about the interventions performed at Sistina Ophthalmology. We will start the series with laser diopter correction, the most performed and most modern aesthetic surgery, worldwide and in our country. Without a doubt, you should entrust the laser diopter correction to the professional and experienced team of Sistina Ophthalmology. Do it, not only because it has the best technical conditions and excellent medical expertise, but also because they will listen to you and understand you, before you come to a common, best solution. The formula for their success is empathy. Ever since we were children, we have all been different, in a way “unique”. We have different affinities: some prefer sports and others read, some prefer to watch TV than meditate, some like the sea, some like the mountains, some like a hotel and some like a camp. But we all want perfect sight! Here is a brief but thorough explanation of everything you need to know about laser diopter correction.

Who can do laser diopter correction?

Young people aged 18 to 40, with stable diopters who no longer want to wear glasses. Of course there are other parameters, important for whether someone is a candidate for laser diopter correction. This is most precisely determined at the examination for this intervention.

What is laser diopter correction?

Laser corneal remodeling, with fast, painless and safe intervention. Laser diopter correction corrects diopter and cylinder (astigmatism). The intervention lasts only five minutes per eye and the patient leaves home with only sunglasses.

When is the right time for laser diopter correction?

It is always the right time for laser diopter correction. The experienced and professional team of Sistina Ophthalmology, regardless of the weather season, continuously performs this intervention. You can do laser diopter correction whenever you want, of course if you are a candidate for this intervention. In case you are not, do not worry, there are many other solutions in Sistina Ophthalmology.

Why should you opt for laser diopter correction?

Glasses or contact lenses interfere with your daily activities. Or you just do not like to wear glasses. Eye aids interfere mostly with sports. There are professions where wearing them is not allowed, for example with professional drivers. Contact lenses, on the other hand, are often impractical and can cause irritation and erosion. Proof that there is a solution for everything is the laser diopter correction, with which you permanently get rid of the eye aids and function as if you never had them. Now that you have decided on laser correction, three more steps separate you from the goal – perfect vision without eye aids. After a successful intervention, you ask yourself another question: Will the Sistina Ophthalmology team be available for my additional questions? The answer is: Yes, at any time, like any of your friends. Because on this trip, you and the members of the Sistina Ophthalmology team become friends.