When summer comes we all think of only one thing – vacation, beach, sun! We like to spend more time outside, and for that we need sunglasses that protect us from the strong ultraviolet rays.
  For people with diopters, wearing glasses in the summer is not an easy task. Some wear sunglasses over binoculars, some opt for sunglasses with diopter glasses, and others who do not want restrictions and habits in life, go one step further and opt for laser diopter correction. Summer is perfect for laser diopter correction. Why?  
  1. You can swim and dive without restriction
Swimming with contact lenses and glasses is not easy, and diving is out of the question. Contact lenses make micro-cracks in the eye, which can be penetrated by the acanthamoeba parasite and cause inflammation of the cornea, which is difficult and time-consuming to treat. After just one month of laser diopter correction you can enjoy these activities.  
  1. Travel without additional eye aids
We all know that traveling with contact lenses or glasses means a spare pair of glasses and contact lenses, as well as additional items that go with them. If you do laser diopter correction, the only thing you will need to think about when traveling is how many pairs of sunglasses to bring with you.  
  1. Summer Games – bring it on!
Whether you have a competitive spirit or just have fun, there is one universal truth when it comes to sports – winning feels good. With eye aids you cannot give the maximum of yourself, because you need to follow the ball and at the same time be careful not to break the glasses. Contact lenses dry out and irritate the eye. In both cases, you should pay attention to the sand, which is easy to stick and difficult to remove. Laser diopter correction will solve these problems and you will be able to focus more on the game and be the best version of yourself.  
  1. Calm summer allergies
Contact lenses additionally affect the dryness and irritation of the eyes that already occurs as a result of the allergy. Also, contact lenses, due to frequent itching of the eyes, can crack and split in two. Laser diopter correction does not cure allergies, but at least when you have allergy symptoms you will not have trouble with glasses and contact lenses.  
  1. Save with summer discounts
Summer is a time of spending money, but also saving! Laser diopter correction is on sale until the end of August. Make an examination, make a decision and then all you have to do is agree on the date of the intervention and organize for the upcoming vacation.