Грижа и превентива на очите на понежниот пол

The hormones that every woman faces also affect the eyes. Hormones mostly attack the eyes during pregnancy, when the body gets used to having new life in it. Pregnant women often complain that their vision is significantly reduced or they cannot wear contact lenses for more than 3 hours. Hormones are the cause of these two problems. Hormones and their balance greatly affect the work of the body, but very often one does not pay attention to the daily things that affect the hormones. The things that are used on the skin itself, make-up, stress have a great effect on the hormones. Therefore, women should take care of themselves.

During pregnancy

Contact lenses can not be worn very often during pregnancy due to the appearance of dry eye. Fortunately, all of these symptoms disappear when the baby is born. Other eye problems that can occur during pregnancy are diabetes or preeclampsia ** (high blood pressure in pregnant women).

An eye examination must be done during pregnancy to check for any symptoms that appear in the eye.

In later years

Dry eye is also common in women of later age, usually after the age of 50. Hormonal changes begin to reappear and normal tear production is disrupted. Symptoms of dry eye are manifested by excessive tearing of the eyes, scratching and a feeling of a foreign body in the eye. For people who wear contact lenses, all of this can be a very difficult combination.

But of course there are treatments that will help with these symptoms. It is recommended to use artificial tears, omega-3 supplements, but not to be used without recommendation from an ophthalmologist. Therefore, you should go for an examination as soon as possible.

Take care of yourself

Women care about everyone around them, whether it is children, spouses or parents. That is why women need to take care of their eyes so that they can take care of everyone else around them. Women should not forget to take care of themselves! This includes drinking plenty of water, protecting their eyes, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular checkups.