The biggest problem in our daily life is the organization and fulfillment of all our obligations, especially when it comes to planning any medical procedure. Therefore, we briefly list the most important information about laser diopter correction that will help you in an easier organization before and after the intervention.

Laser diopter correction is the safest method of diopter removal in people aged 18 to about 40 years who have a stable diopter for a minimum of one year and who are the candidates for this intervention. Are you a candidate determined on a detailed examination for laser diopter correction and examined every detail of your eye? This examination is one of the most detailed examinations in ophthalmology.

Laser diopter correction examination

The examination takes about two hours, sometimes longer

Due to the detail of the examination itself, it can take two hours or even longer, depending on how quickly your pupils dilate (the same is done with drops, it is completely painless and serves as a detailed examination of the back segment of the eye and hidden diopter).

The examination is quite long and due to the current pandemic, we always recommend that the escort come to pick you up at the end of the examination. Your vision will be blurred for some time after the examination so it is not advisable to drive. We will contact your escort on your behalf when the examination is complete.

Rest from contact lenses

Before the examination, if you wear soft contact lenses, you need to rest from them for a minimum of 3 days before the examination, if they are semi-hard or hard then a minimum of 7 days before the examination. In the meantime, you can wear glasses.

Tip: If you cannot wear glasses, we would recommend that you schedule your examination on Monday, and during the weekend rest your eyes from contact lenses.

Examination for laser vision correction

Refraction, visual acuity measurement, eye pressure measurement, evaluation of posterior segment, corneal analysis with pentacam.


Laser diopter correction intervention

  • Vision after the intervention:

  • The vision will be blurred (as if looking through water) for a few days;
  • You may feel slight discomfort and pinching in the eyes;
  • You may be bothered by daylight and it is best to bring sunglasses with you on the day of the intervention. This can keep your eyes closed for longer, which is fine.

Warning: Under no circumstances should you rub or scratch your eyes.

  • Checkups

  • You have a mandatory checkup the day after the intervention.
  • The second checkup is in 5 to 7 days depending on how the ophthalmologist determines.
  • Then the next checkups are for a month and three months.

Warning: More frequent checkups can be scheduled at the request of the ophthalmologist.

Our ophthalmologists are of course available to you 24/7 after the intervention if needed.

  • Absence from work

It usually takes up to 7 days of rest before returning to your work responsibilities to adapt to your vision.

However, it is very important to emphasize that time off work also depends on the type of work you do. If you are in contact with dust, lifting heavy items, etc., you may even need two to three weeks of rest.

Warning: You need to discuss these details with the ophthalmologist on the day of the examination, so that we can make an appropriate plan that will suit your needs and our operating plan.

  • Therapy

  • The therapy consists of antibiotic drops, artificial tears and ointment that you receive on the day of the intervention. The nurse will explain to you nicely and in detail how to apply the therapy.
  • At a certain period during the first day, antibiotic drops and artificial tears are taken. In the next 10 days, they are applied in the correct order according to the discharge letter.
  • The therapy will not interfere with the performance of your daily responsibilities.

Advice: Set an alarm to remind you when it is time to apply the therapy.

  • Additional confirmation for performed intervention

  • At your request, we can issue you an additional confirmation of the intervention. Although the discharge letter itself is evidence of an intervention, in some cases additional confirmation may be required depending on the job. The receipt is free of charge.
  • All you have to do is tell us what you need and our team will prepare it for you. If it is necessary for your workplace to be contacted by us, we will do the same without any additional costs.

Warning: We cannot issue you a medical certificate. For the same it is necessary to go to institutions that work with occupational medicine.

  • Payment method

  • The price of the laser diopter correction is 500 euros per eye, while the examination is 4,270 denars.
  • Payment can be made in cash, by card or cash / card combination. Payment can also be made before the intervention through our option
  • Pay Online.

In our hospital there is an opportunity to pay up to 24 installments without interest and additional costs. If you are interested, after it is determined that you are a candidate for this intervention, the responsible persons will prepare the necessary documents and will explain everything to you.

Informative: The monthly installment for the intervention itself would be around 2,500 denars.

  • Health insurance

Laser diopter correction is considered a cosmetic surgery that is not covered by state health insurance.

In terms of private health insurance, you need to contact your insurance company which will give you information if this operation is covered by your insurance. We can do the same on your behalf, but it is a prerequisite to have an examination in our clinic and to be a candidate for this intervention.

Possibility to pay in installments