Our ophthalmologists are often asked the question: what is the effect if you do not wear glasses? Can my eyesight deteriorate if I do not wear glasses?

First of all, the reasons why patients consider glasses and do not want to wear them are important to us. Our ophthalmologists will explain in detail about this condition, but if you try not to wear them, there are certainly various methods to replace the glasses.

Can my eyesight deteriorate if I do not wear glasses?

In adults older than 20 years the answer is no! Vision may not be impaired unless glasses are worn, but it can be debilitating. Glasses help to achieve the desired vision, but if not worn can cause headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, the eye will not be able to focus, it will see double.

However, in children it is different. If the child has ametropia or strabismus, early detection is crucial. As the eyes develop by the age of 18, they must be given the full care and attention they need in the early stages, otherwise there is a possibility that they will not develop properly.

Apart from age, what kind of diopter plays a big role in what unwanted symptoms will occur?

People with myopia have trouble looking away and can only focus on the objects in front of them. This condition can be frustrating because they can not recognize a person coming from afar or a sign placed not far from them.

On the other hand, far-sighted people have trouble focusing on the objects in front of them. This leads to headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Additional interventions to help remove the glasses

If you want to have sharp eyesight but get rid of glasses, there is laser diopter correction. Laser diopter correction relieves the glasses through a quick, painless intervention that lasts only 10 minutes and the patient returns home the same day.

For people over 40, intraocular lenses are implanted, which release them from the glasses forever. They look at all distances and there is no cataract after implantation of these intraocular lenses.


Depending on the age, the need for reading glasses will increase with age. The reason for using glasses is to see better and reduce eye strain, which can cause eye pain, headaches and fatigue. No wearing glasses will not harm your eyesight. It is possible for the symptoms described above to occur and for patients to struggle with them. But, of course, it is best not to do this on your own and consult an ophthalmologist.

We have only one pair of eyes, caring for them will open a new perspective on life. If you are still unsure whether to wear glasses or not, consult our ophthalmologists. The best results will be shown by the subspecialty examination, where your diopters are checked in detail, including the front and rear segments.