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Patient’s stories about laser vision correction

“The transparent way of working on your part instilled confidence in me”

“I knew about laser diopter correction a long time ago, but I did not know that it was performed in our country.

“I decided for your hospital because I have full confidence in this team of colleagues.” – Sadije Amzai

Sadie Amzai (35 years old) is a nurse in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the General Hospital in Struga. Sadije got rid of the glasses with laser diopter correction during this pandemic. "I decided on this venture during this whole situation with COVID-19 because I know that I am safe here and most importantly, I did [...]

„It feels wonderful to look like you never thought it would be possible!“- Sara Bogdanoska

Sara Bogdanoska (35 years old) is a graduate psychologist and has a master's degree in clinical and counseling psychology. The diopter she had caused her the most discomfort when she was driving a car. She felt incapable of carrying out her work responsibilities: attending events, seminars, workshops or everything related to reading and presenting, all [...]

Video: “During the intervention we talked as if we were having coffee” – Michelle Artos

Во текот на интервенцијата разговаравме како да сме на кафе. Се чувствував многу безбедно. Кога заврши со операцијата, докторката мораше да ми каже дека заврши затоа што јас мислев дека се уште не сме почнале

“Now I can recognize my clients in court” – Kiril Davkov

The problem with diopters begins to make him a problem in both his private and official life. So he decides to make a change in his life.

“I finally returned to my former appearance – my face without glasses!” – Todorka Grozdanova – Bakeva

Todorka Grozdanova-Bakeva, 39, from Kavadarci, underwent laser diopter correction at Sistina Ophthalmology. Todorka has been wearing eye aids since she was 11 years old. As she entered her teens, Todorka began to wear contact lenses and put her glasses aside. "The problem started when I did not take off my contact lenses. I literally didn’t [...]

“From high diopter to clear vision” – Slavcho Stojanoski

Slavcho Stojanoski, 38 years old from Ohrid, underwent the examination for laser correction in Sistina Ophthalmology Bitola. Slavcho had myopia and astigmatism (cylinder) -7.5 in the right eye and -5.5 in the left eye. "My biggest problem was swimming, because I had a large diopter, and I could not wear goggles while swimming, I had [...]

“I can finally see the result of my match” – Zarko Arsovski, national team member in karate

"What bothered me the most was that during the matches, I could not see the result from the match board.”I did not see well from far and my problem was noticing and reading objects that are farther away from me, such as while driving, reading traffic signs." Zarko Arsovski (35), a longtime member of the [...]

“With a friendly relationship with the doctor I overcame the trauma” – Viktorija Gjeorgjievska

"From fear of ophthalmologists to vision without diopters. Thanks to Sistina Ophthalmology and Dr. Ilir Osmani for allowing me to see without diopters." Viktorija Gjeorgjievska (25 years old), student, is the winner of the donation for laser diopter correction for the month of March. Victoria faced an unpleasant childhood event by an ophthalmologist and was [...]

“People, I see crystal clear!” – Tinka Dzineva

Tinka: "During the performance of daily tasks at work, there were periods when my eyes blurred to the point that I could literally not recognize anything on the screen, so I had to go out, take a short break, stabilize, then continue where I left off from work.”I am a curious person by nature, so [...]

“After the laser diopter correction I returned to my love – basketball” – Biljana Stojkovska

Biljana Stojkovska (38), a law graduate, who turned to graphic design and founded her own clothing brand. With her profession, graphic design and her diopter -4 and -4.5, there was no end to her trouble. She says the diopter literally did not bother her only when she was asleep. Biljana is afraid of any touch [...]

“I finally saw the beauty of this world without looking at it blurry!” – Irena Magdeska

"Frequent diopter changes, frequent examinations, frequent purchases of glasses and contact lenses - all this entailed high costs.The positive experience of my friends encouraged me to do laser diopter correction." Irena Magdeska (37) from Prilep, a mother of two, underwent laser diopter correction in our hospital. "The diopter bothered me the most in the summer [...]

“I bravely and resolutely decided to entrust my eyes to Sistina Ophthalmology” – Veronika Taneska

"I decided bravely and decisively, without much thought, I said to myself: the sooner the better, and I also followed a show where your director was invited, where he described in detail, accurately and precisely the conditions in your hospital during the pandemic.”I was not at all afraid to make an appointment for a checkup [...]

“Despite the options I have in London, I chose Sistina Ophthalmology” – Katerina Smugreska

“Sincerely, I am happy and grateful that I did the laser diopter correction and I warmly recommend it to my acquaintances.”

“The operation was very interesting and easy for me, I was having fun like in a disco!” – Zrna Garich

The operation was easy and fast. In the operating room, and I had before
instructions for everything from Dr. Kostovska, I knew what he was doing to me and therefore I had no fear. The very next day I was looking great!

“I trust you and I decided to intervene, even in a pandemic.” – Leunit Dervishi

“Laser diopter correction counseling helped me decide to do it in Covid-19 conditions. “I could not wait any longer, it was urgent for me.” – this is how Jeunit Dervishi started the conversation with our team from PX Office about his experience with laser diopter correction in our clinic.

“Mommy no longer wears glasses, she does not need them – she looks great!” – Natasha Krstevska

I can not recognize myself now. My daughter used to call me every morning ‘Mom, where are your glasses, don’t you forget them?’ ‘-‘No, mommy no longer wears glasses, she doesn’t need them – she looks great!’

“I am reborn!” – Irena Panovska

Irena Panovska (32 years old) made a laser diopter correction a year ago. Her diopter of minus 5.75 and minus 5.00 was completely corrected to zero.

“I feel like a new person with the new look!” – Dimitar Radicheski

Dimitar Radicheski (25 years old) thought about laser diopter correction for 2 years and finally, in July this year, he did it. He now feels like a new person. We are very glad!

“My life has become simpler” – Monika Trpkovska

Monika Trpkovska is our wonderful patient who has undergone laser diopter correction and speaks openly about the positive changes she has experienced since the intervention.

Ognen Janeski and laser diopter correction (video from the intervention)

“I see people! Beautiful! “I read billboards and signs all the time!”
Ognen Janeski confided his eyes to us and after many years of wearing glasses, he decided to remove his diopter.

Together in everything: Vladimir and Anna and laser diopter correction

The young couple Vladimir and Ana made a laser diopter correction in our clinic.

Pero Antic at the examination for diopter correction

The undisputed Pero Antic visited our clinic in Skopje to check if he is a candidate for laser diopter correction.