Dimitar Radicheski (25 years old) thought about laser diopter correction for 2 years and finally, in July this year, he did it. He now feels like a new person. We are very glad

“My eye problem, ie diopter, appeared at the age of 15, in high school. I wore glasses, but I did not wear them all the time. I also tried contact lenses, but I could not get used to wearing them, so over time my diopter increased rapidly. It happened to me many times when I was not wearing glasses that I did not notice the people around me and passed them, because their faces were blurred, and I could not even imagine driving a car without glasses. I have been thinking about laser correction for almost 2 years, but on the recommendation of a friend who also did laser correction at Sistina Ophthalmology, I decided to do it myself. The operation lasted a total of 10 minutes for both eyes. I did not feel fear because I knew that I was in the safe hands of Dr. Fani Gilevska and the rest of the professional and professional team. After the intervention I returned home and rested. The next day, on the way to Sistina Ophthalmology, I saw and read all the billboards on the streets, all the license plates on the cars, which I could not read before with glasses, and when I came for an examination I guessed all the letters, including the smallest letters. With the new species I feel like a new person! I can play sports without wearing glasses; I can drive without glasses and headaches are a thing of the past. I have to praise the whole team of Sistina Ophthalmology and the best doctor Dr. Fani Gilevska. It is a professional, wonderful, and hospitable team that always cares for patients and is available to you 24/7. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. “