The young couple Vladimir and Ana made a laser diopter correction in our clinic. They live the life they so desire – they are web designers by profession and often travel the world. Due to the diopter, Vladimir is tormented with glasses and contact lenses, and in Ana’s bag you can find a larger selection of boxes for storing contact lenses and a guide for switching contact lenses.

Although, right, the ladies have the advantage, Vladimir was the first to enter the operating room (so they agreed!), While Ana is patiently waiting to see the results after the intervention.

“I heard about ‘Sistina Ophthalmology’ from a friend of mine in Barcelona, ​​who had surgery here and who warmly recommended that I go too. He said, ‘Don’t think, go. I have seen! ‘I have had vision problems for a long time, I wore glasses and contact lenses. I work on a computer and so I felt tired after 4 hours with the glasses, so I had to take them off. I also started wearing lenses, but in terms of hygiene, it is more difficult to maintain because Ana and I travel around the world all the time. We both talked about having surgery, because she has the same problem, so she convinced me to do the intervention first, to test me. Nowadays, there is really no point in harassing me with glasses when there are new solutions – without any problem to get rid of them in just 10 minutes. The examination was more difficult for me than the intervention itself, which was so quick, as Dr. Fanny explained to me. “I have been functioning super well for a year now,” said Vladimir.

“When we talked to Vladimir, I persuaded him to go and do the intervention first, because I am afraid of needles, stings and the like. My glasses bothered me while I was working, and it happened that I brought the laptop very close when I was without them just so I could work. When I started wearing lenses I was fine, but I had another problem, my bags turned into liquid storage places and lens boxes. When Vladimir made the intervention, I saw that it was nothing scary, so after our travels and the summer period, I made the intervention too. “I have no problem and I am very pleased with the result, my diopter is now at 0. We are now ready for new challenges and locations,” said Ana.