The undisputed Pero Antic visited our clinic in Skopje to check if he is a candidate for laser diopter correction.

Pero wore glasses for a long time, but because they are not practical for training and competitions, he switched to contact lenses. Although, apparently, the diopter was not a problem for Pero to achieve all the successes, still the daily care for the contact lenses started to bother him, so that is why he decided to check if he is a candidate for laser diopter correction.

Laser diopter correction is the most modern intervention with which you get rid of the diopter and the cylinder in 5 minutes. It is completely safe and painless, and after its completion you go home only with sunglasses.

Tip for initial examination and / or diagnosis
in case you have the same or similar condition:

Examination for laser vision correction

Refraction, visual acuity measurement, eye pressure measurement, evaluation of posterior segment, corneal analysis with Pentacam.



Detailed corneal analysis.


Follow-up after laser surgery

Examination after three months of laser vision surgery.


Laser vision correction – PRK

Price for one eye.


Laser vision correction – LASIK

Price for one eye.


The ophthalmologist reserves the right to suggest another type of examination and / or diagnosis depending on the established condition of the examination.