девојка направена ласерска корекција на диоптрија

Ole Galevska (30 years old), made the laser diopter correction in Sistina Ophthalmology. Her diopter problem started in elementary school and she struggled with diopters for 20 years. This is her story.

“As an ambitious and cheerful person, diopters were a huge problem for me. I faced this problem from an early age, in primary school. When my sports activities started, the transition from glasses to contact lenses also started. In handball training I often had to finish the training earlier due to a displaced contact lens. The same thing happened when I went to the gym.”

Ole found out about the laser diopter correction from an advertisement and that it is performed in our country as well. Then she started looking for referrals.

“I knew about laser diopter correction a long time ago, but I did not know that it was performed in our country. Ever since then, I have had a desire to have my diopter removed. The referrals I received were directed to Sistina Ophthalmology.”

According to her diagnosis, laser diopter correction with the PRK method was applied. About the examination and intervention, Ole says:

“The examination and intervention, thanks to all the staff, were relaxed, without any feeling of fear. After the intervention, the feeling was indescribable. I could finally see without eye aids.”

Finally, Ole recommended: “Professional and transparent way of working gave me great confidence to make the laser diopter correction and to entrust my eyes to Dr. Biljana Kostovska and Sistina Ophthalmology.”

Laser eye surgery is a short and safe method that removes diopters in people aged 18 to 40, with stable diopters min. 1 year. The time intervention takes about 10 minutes for both eyes. After the operation you go home the same day only with sunglasses.

Prior to the intervention, a laser diopter correction examination is performed, which lasts almost 2 hours and is the most detailed examination in ophthalmology.

Based on the results, the ophthalmologist will determine if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. Our eye hospital performs other methods for diopter correction if you are not a candidate for laser eye surgery. For each eye problem we have a solution such as the installation of phakic lenses or the installation of multifocal lenses.