Chen Yi (32) did the laser diopter correction in our hospital. “My friends recommended laser diopter correction and told me to come to Sistina Ophthalmology. I compared Sistina Ophthalmology and researched in several countries for the same intervention, but somehow your hospital was the most complete.”

Her biggest fear for laser diopter correction was that the same thing would happen to her as her friend.” The fear of intervention came from the story of a friend of mine who lives in America and did laser diopter correction there. Because she is shy, she did not tell the doctors the exact information that she had better eyesight and they did it only once, without an additional examination on the very day of the intervention as they do here. Unfortunately, they had to repeat the intervention due to incorrectly measured diopters. Unlike her case, when I came to the examination here I was delighted. It took a very long time, and they kept explaining to me what was happening and what they were checking. “At first I was a little scared because of the shape of my eyes, but Dr. Fanka took away all my fears.”

“On the day of the intervention, the medical team is always by your side, several doctors are with you in the operating room. The feeling is wonderful, when I got up from the chair I realized that I could see without eye aids. Definitely one of the best decisions in my life.”