“I decided bravely and decisively, without much thought, I said to myself: the sooner the better, and I also followed a show where your director was invited, where he described in detail, accurately and precisely the conditions in your hospital during the pandemic. I was not at all afraid to make an appointment for a checkup to see if I was a candidate for laser intervention, and I was assured of the integrity, hygiene and compliance with the measures during COVID-19.”

Veronika Taneska (35 years old), a law graduate, came to us from Ohrid to do laser diopter correction in our surgical center in Skopje, and she performs postoperative examinations regularly at Sistina Ophthalmology in Bitola.

Her diopter problem started at an early age – Veronica did not wear glasses regularly and after she started wearing contact lenses she encountered new complications.

“The diopter bothered me the most when I had to put on my make-up, and my eye could not express itself through the glasses.”I always had traces of make-up on my contact lenses that caused itching and redness, and my biggest problem was the protective masks that blurred my glasses and the specific cleaning of the glasses was also a problem.”

Veronica’s decision to choose us was influenced by many reasons: “When I was researching Sistina Ophthalmology, I first noticed the good advertisement, the positive comments on social networks, consultations with several friends who had already finished the laser correction and from my personal experience I assured myself that you are the best.”An even more mitigating circumstance is that now we can afford laser diopter correction thanks to the best eye hospital Sistina Ophthalmology, and we do not have to expose ourselves to additional costs and harassment abroad.”

Veronica’s experience in our hospital was relaxed, she almost did not feel that she was in the hospital and that she would make an intervention on her eyes.

“When I came out of the operating room (accompanied by the doctor, of course) I felt like I had water in my eyes, I did not feel burning or itching and I said to myself: This was very painless and simple (of course not for the surgical team) and now it really is strange why people who are able to, do not take such a step. There is no need to panic at all, opt for laser diopter correction and get rid of the diopter and wearing glasses faster, in the presence of relaxed and cheerful staff who will reduce your pre-surgery anxiety, relaxed and coordinated team work including the best ophthalmologists.”

Veronica: I feel like a different person

The recovery period after the intervention is generally from 3 to 5 days, but still mostly depends on the individual ability to adapt to the new type of patient. This is also the case with Veronica: “Although I was not advised to strain my eyes for the first few days, I had to avoid TV, telephones, computers, reading books – I could already read translations on TV, read articles, license plates on cars, billboards at greater distances. And the diopter glasses I wore, I gave them away – I was finally free! “My experience with laser diopter correction is a better sight, without straining to read the smallest word, I already recognize myself in the mirror, although it was a little strange to me at the beginning 😁. The physical description also changes, I feel like a different person.”

Finally, Veronica tells why she would recommend us:

“First of all, because of the organization at the entrance of the hospital, measuring temperature, filling out questionnaires, regular disinfection of hallways and toilets, available antibacterial agents, mandatory entry with a mask, escort with up to one member, maintaining distance at counters and waiting rooms, and availability with appropriate equipment of mask, coat and hat during the operation. Also, upon entering, you will be greeted by smiling and positive people, communicative and available for any important information, who know how to relax and smile before the laser procedure and who describe in detail the course of the intervention itself, so that before entering in the hall you know what awaits you. “There is simply no room for panic and leave it to the skilled doctors.”