“From fear of ophthalmologists to vision without diopters. Thanks to Sistina Ophthalmology and Dr. Ilir Osmani for allowing me to see without diopters.”

Viktorija Gjeorgjievska (25 years old), student, is the winner of the donation for laser diopter correction for the month of March.

Victoria faced an unpleasant childhood event by an ophthalmologist and was afraid to confide her eyes to anyone. Victoria has been a patient of Dr. Ilir for 11 years and says that with his friendly attitude she overcame the trauma she had from a young age.

Her diopter interfered with her daily activities. As a young girl, she was most bothered by diopters when she spent the summer and forgot about eye aids.

“Two years ago I was examined for laser diopter correction, but for too much fear I canceled the intervention for later in life. When they called to tell me I was the winner of a free laser diopter correction donation, I gathered strength and told myself this was the right time to ‘see’ and it really was. “When I saw the gift, I decided to take the opportunity and embark on a new experience in life.”

“Optometrist Angela guided me through the whole examination process.”I am very satisfied with the team at Sistina Ophthalmology, I am especially grateful to my doctor Ilir Osmani, who has been taking care of my eyes for years and I decided to entrust my eyes to him for the removal of the laser diopter correction.”

The pandemic did not stop her from doing laser diopter correction.

“Sistina Ophthalmology follows all protocols and takes care of protecting patients from the current pandemic. I was not afraid at all that I was doing the intervention right now.”

Finally, Victoria told us:

“Only people who do not have diopters, are not aware of what joy it is, when you get up in the morning and see. I thank Dr. Ilir Osmani because of whom this experience was easy for me. I thank Sistina Ophthalmology for the gesture they made and for giving me vision like I do not remember having.”