Slagjana Petreska (25) underwent laser diopter correction at Sistina Oftalmologija. As a student and book addict, the diopters interfered with her learning as well as reading books.

“The diopter bothered me the most when reading at a distance, I felt pressure and pain in the eye area and I had frequent headaches. I had previously heard of laser diopter correction and Sistina Oftalmologija. I was considering other options that offered laser diopter correction, but I opted for Sistina Oftalmologija because of the many good recommendations and satisfied patients. As I mentioned before, my headaches were the biggest problem and the reason why I decided to intervene. On the day of the intervention I did not feel fear at any moment because I believed and knew that I was in the safe hands of Dr. Fanka and the entire professional team of Sistina Oftalmologija. Many thanks to them. “After the laser diopter correction, the next day I could see again as before.”

Slagjana happily told us about her experience in our hospital. Delighted with the diopter-free eye sight, she said:

“The feeling after the laser diopter correction was indescribable. The headaches completely disappeared and I was a little surprised as I got used to seeing without diopters, without eye aids and without headaches. I am overjoyed to be able to see clearly again. I did the laser diopter correction as well as the check-ups during the pandemic, but I still felt safe and secure in every way, because Sistina Oftalmologija as a hospital respects and adheres to all protocols and measures to protect against COVID-19. I recommend to all those who have any eye problem that they want to solve and in conditions of the pandemic to come to Sistina Oftalmologija, because they respect all protection measures and are maximally committed to each patient. Just words of praise, I am very satisfied with the whole organization and team.”