Irena Panovska (32 years old) made a laser diopter correction a year ago. Her diopter of minus 5.75 and minus 5.00 was completely corrected to zero.

Laser diopter correction can correct diopters in people aged 18 to 40 with a diopter of -10 to +6 and astigmatism (cylinder) ± 6. The diopter should be stable for at least one year. In pregnant women, this intervention is recommended after the breastfeeding process is complete and the menstrual cycle is normalized.

“Ever since I was in high school I wore glasses, I had high myopia which reached minus 5.75 in one eye and minus 5.00 in the other eye. After a while, I started wearing soft contact lenses, which I wore for almost 10 years before undergoing laser diopter correction. They caused me problems, I often had irritations and erosions, and with the glasses I was limited – they reduced my range of vision. Especially while I was in music school, I could not play the piano and I could not see the notes. While I was with the children, I was afraid they would hit me while I was wearing glasses. My family ophthalmologist advised me: ‘Why not do a laser diopter correction? You are young and you have given birth to two children, it is time to get rid of the lenses and glasses already. ‘I came to Sistina Ophthalmology because my cousin did the same intervention in this clinic. The admission to the hospital is wonderful from the moment I set foot until now, and I believe in all the follow-up examinations. Dr. Fanka Gilevska explained to me everything that interested me and it really turned out that way, because I was scared and it is still an eye. I decided to make the correction for myself and my two children, and I was especially glad that they were my support on the day of the intervention. It went easily and quickly and a year and a half has passed and I look great. I no longer need to look for glasses or waste time putting on lenses and taking care of them. With friends, when we travel, we compete to read the license plates of cars from afar. And most importantly, the children do not take off my glasses and hide. I was reborn! “