“Laser diopter correction counseling helped me decide to do it in Covid-19 conditions. “I could not wait any longer, it was urgent for me.” – this is how Jeunit Dervishi started the conversation with our team from PX Office about his experience with laser diopter correction in our clinic.

Jeunit Dervishi from Kicevo, who is 27 years old, was one of those present at our last consultation at the hospital, which was crucial to come for an examination and make a laser diopter correction.

“At the consultation, Dr. Violeta Shijakova and Stephanie from the Patient Experience Office, explained in detail what the examination, the procedure looks like and answered all my questions. When I came to Sistina Ophthalmology, my team did two tests to make sure I was a real candidate for laser diopter correction and I was finally put on a program. Most interestingly, my glasses broke a few days before the intervention and then I knew I was really ready. I trusted them and decided to do the intervention, even in conditions of coronavirus. I could not wait any longer, it was urgent for me. The intervention lasted even shorter than what the doctor told me and I am satisfied. “It means a lot to me and I am grateful for the contact I have with your team and that I can ask you when I need it.”