“Frequent diopter changes, frequent examinations, frequent purchases of glasses and contact lenses – all this entailed high costs.The positive experience of my friends encouraged me to do laser diopter correction.”

Irena Magdeska (37) from Prilep, a mother of two, underwent laser diopter correction in our hospital.

“The diopter bothered me the most in the summer when I had to swim or wear sunglasses. Then while driving, going out in the evenings and having fun where it was inevitable to wear them in any fashion combination.”

Irena says that her decision was mostly influenced by the positive experiences of her friends who underwent laser diopter correction in Sistina Ophthalmology.

“I was familiar with laser diopter correction and for a long time I was gathering information from other people’s experiences. I decided on the recommendation of a friend who had a positive experience with you.”

After the intervention, the feeling of happiness was immeasurable: “I felt very happy, with great relief, but also a little scared of the discipline I should have after the operation. But I successfully passed the short postoperative period.”

If she could describe her feelings after the intervention in one sentence, Irena said:

“I was walking down the street at night because the sunlight was bothering me in the first weeks after the intervention and I was asking everyone around me how normal it was to be able to read letters – how far because I did not know.”I read all the billboards and all the shop signs.”

Finally, Irena said:

“The speed and professionalism of Sistina Ophthalmology surprised me. Also, the postoperative examinations I did in Bitola were fast and efficient. Now I see clearly! Keep up the good work and keep making people happy so they can see the beauty of this world up close and personal without eye aids.”