Biljana Stojkovska (38), a law graduate, who turned to graphic design and founded her own clothing brand.

With her profession, graphic design and her diopter -4 and -4.5, there was no end to her trouble. She says the diopter literally did not bother her only when she was asleep.

Biljana is afraid of any touch in her eye. As a result, she delayed the intervention for many years.

“It was only because of Dr. Fani that I decided on laser diopter correction. To be honest, I am a person who wears make-up only for weddings, I cannot put on mascara for fear. I have known Dr. Fani for years and simply, one day I drew the line and said it was time to see me. “If it weren’t for her, I probably would never have taken this step.”

As a basketball lover, diopters were a huge problem for her.

“In general, my diopter bothered me in everything, I did not feel myself, and my desire to play basketball plays a big role. I just came to the point where I cannot see the hoop, and people do everything for love. Dear basketball I’m back. 😊“

“I feel reborn with unseen joy. I recommend this experience to everyone.”

Regarding the experience during the pandemic, Biljana said:

“Life must flow in a time of pandemic, and I had no doubt about the service, standards and treatment provided by your institution.”