Садије Амази - Систина Офталмологија

Sadie Amzai (35 years old) is a nurse in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the General Hospital in Struga. Sadije got rid of the glasses with laser diopter correction during this pandemic.

“I decided on this venture during this whole situation with COVID-19 because I know that I am safe here and most importantly, I did not want to bother with the glasses anymore. Everything in this hospital is in accordance with all protocols and protection measures.”

She had diopter problems for almost 9 years and her glasses troubled her in her daily activities, especially at work: “I was blurred by the masks we wear in the gym. I did not take proper care of my contact lenses  and did not remove them regularly. I could not get used to the eye aids in any way. Now I can not describe how happy I am – I am finally without glasses and contact lenses.”

Although she is a nurse, as a patient she was afraid that she would be fine. The meeting with the medical staff was decisive, which gave her great confidence: “I came for an examination, but I was honestly very afraid that I would be fine. I was decisive in the contact and support of Dr. Kostovska, optometrist Vida and nurse Liljana. They explained to me what the surgery looked like and it really was – short and immediately successful! I can function on a daily basis and assist in deliveries in the hospital, without having to worry about my glasses fogging up.”