“I applied for the donation for laser diopter correction and got light! – are the words of Natasha Krstevska, winner of the free laser diopter correction for the month of December 2019. Natasha is 37 years old and comes to us from Bitola.

“I have been wearing glasses for 22 years. During those years I tormented myself for several reasons: I work with nails and during the work I wear a mask because there is dust by scraping and when I closed my face with a mask and glasses, I put a lot of effort to be able to do everything. When I went to professional make-up training events, they would just put on beautiful make-up and I had to put on my glasses and they would say in disappointment, “Wow, do you have to put on your glasses now? Nothing will be seen. ”We will go on vacation with the children to play in the water together and they must have sprayed me, my glasses were full of drops of water, I could not see literally anything. When I came to Sistina Ophthalmology, I was very kindly received both at the examination and at the intervention itself. Before the intervention I had an interesting dream, I dreamed like a girl, like an angel holding my hand and leading me somewhere. The elders say that it is a good dream. This is how I felt during the intervention. My sister was holding my hand and I was so sure that everything would be fine. The whole team was my psychological support. I was afraid of pain, but it was completely painless and I looked great the same day. Something that left a wonderful impression on me is that from the first day I knew all the details of the intervention, it was so nicely explained to me by Dr. Kostovska and the team, that I felt that we do all this together. I can not recognize myself now. “My daughter, out of habit, cries out to me every morning: ‘Mom, where are your glasses, don’t you forget them?’ “I warmly advise everyone not to be afraid and to believe in miracles. My wish has come true that I am not in constant darkness. Thank you for giving me the light!” – said Natasha.