“Many of my friends in Belgium thought it was not good for me to have a srugery here. They are not familiar with the healthcare system in your country. To be honest, me neither. But when I started researching, when I contacted you and when I came and when I saw what it looked like – it’s better than what we have in Belgium. I felt safe from start to finish!” – said Michelle Artos.

Such comments warm our hearts and make us happy. Michelle Artos got rid of his glasses and diopter with laser diopter correction in our clinic.

“My doctor is great. Dr. Victoria Fileva is one of the best in the world. Very fun and humorous. During the surgery we talked as if we were having coffee. I felt very safe. When the operation was over, the doctor had to tell me it was over because I thought we had not started yet.”

Listen to the full statement about his impressions and experience at Sistina Ophthalmology.