“The examinations at Sistina Ophthalmology took place without waiting (important for me given the obligations) left me with the impression of expertise and reliability and I was satisfied with the results. “The attitude of the staff and Dr. Gocheva towards me was at the highest level.”

Kiril Davkov, a lawyer from Bitola, did his examination for laser diopter correction at Sistina Ophthalmology Bitola. Diopters begin to appear in his high school days when he notices that he can not read a translation on television, and further blurs at a certain distance.

“During the first year of high school, I began to notice that I had difficulty reading the translation on television, so for a short period of time, it was a problem for me to see clearly in the distance. “Every other year my diopter increased, and already in college I seemed to notice that after each exam session my vision was weakening.”

Cyril graduated from college in Greece and spent most of his time studying books in Greek. Kiril says that this contributed to the frequent change of diopters.

“I graduated from the Faculty of Law in Greece at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, where the university program of lectures and exams took place in Greek, which required a long sitting, reading, translating, and studying day and night. “Further training, as well as my daily work, requires constant reading, whether in a book or on a computer.”

The problem with diopters begins to make him a problem in both his private and official life. So he decides to make a change in his life.

“In everyday life, for the most ordinary daily responsibilities, as well as at work, especially in the last year, with the obligatory wearing of masks, entering from cold to hot, the glasses are always blurred. When I enter the court in the winter, I enter with blurred glasses and take them off because I do not clearly see who I should greet or avoid and where my clients are. I also had two pairs of glasses, one for sunglasses and one for sunglasses (with diopter), so I used to go out with sunglasses and the others left at home or in a car, so to see well I walked with sunglasses at night.”