Tinka: “During the performance of daily tasks at work, there were periods when my eyes blurred to the point that I could literally not recognize anything on the screen, so I had to go out, take a short break, stabilize, then continue where I left off from work.”I am a curious person by nature, so very often while walking around the city with friends, I used to bother them with the question, what is written there, I cannot read anything.”

Dojran-born Tinka Dzineva, 34, a back office administrator and Pilates instructor, underwent laser diopter correction in April during the pandemic.

Problems with diopters began at the age of 19. When Tinka had problems, it was interesting to wear glasses, but when she started working in front of a computer for 8 hours during the day, she had headaches, discomfort and itchy eyes. Due to her inability to function without glasses, she felt tense, insecure and afraid to drive a car alone.

Tinka learned about laser diopter correction through her friends.

“My dear friends, also your patients, did the same intervention a few years ago and after so much time, with great excitement and pleasure, they transferred to me the experience of literally every moment spent with your team. The key moment for me to finally decide was the numerous ads on social networks that came out to me randomly and subconsciously convinced me to finally decide and “shorten my troubles.”

When asked why she chose Sistina Ophthalmology, Tinka said the following:

“I will try to be as short as I can, although I do not know how much it is possible to describe the process of admission and treatment of patients in Sistina Ophthalmology. Only the one who will enter your premises can be convinced of the fact that these are real professionals, who are calm, responsible, with a huge dose of positive energy and do their job correctly. I have to mention it, and I hope that it will be especially noticed, optometrist Eleonora Stojmanovska, who first received me and so perfectly, in detail and with such beautiful energy made my initial examination, and then conducted me to Dr. Fanka Gilevska who with admirable ease and professionalism performed the duties of my corrective undertaking.”

The pandemic did not stop Tinka from doing laser diopter correction this year.

“Above all, you fully respect the measures imposed by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the pandemic. “The professionalism, responsibility, communicativeness, extroversion and empathy you share with patients are your skills and virtues that would make me recommend your team to anyone in need of professionalism.”

Finally, we leave you with Tinka’s words to you about laser diopter correction:

“People, I see crystal clear! I think that only people who had a vision problem and solved it, can understand my happiness and admiration. The experience can only be experienced, every going out in nature and admiring the beauty of nature itself makes me so calm, satisfied, happy, fulfilled, and I am still at the beginning, I look forward to the moments that are yet to come. Without hesitation, trust the team of Sistina Ophthalmology, believe me, you will not make a mistake, they will do you a great service!”