“I was addicted to glasses and contact lenses. The feeling of disability and inability to function without eye aids was the first step towards thinking about laser diopter correction. Out of excitement when I entered the operating room I could not recognize the faces of Dr. Fanny and the team, I could literally see nothing, it was like fog, blurry. Did the diopter or the excitement do it, when the intervention ended and I got up for the first time I saw people without the help of eye aids.”

Elida Dzaferovska Alomerovic (33) lives in Turkey and decided to have a laser diopter correction at Sistina Ophthalmology, due to the trust that Dr. Fanka instilled in her. Elida had diopters and wore glasses and contact lenses for more than 20 years and in the summer when she returned to Macedonia from Turkey she decided to see if she was a candidate for the intervention.

“The reason why I decided on this hospital is, above all, the trust I gained in the initial examination I did this summer, to check if I am a candidate for this intervention. The most interesting thing is after one month of the intervention, I can see so clearly that I think I still wear contact lenses and I have to take them off before going to bed. The kindness and care that need to be experienced are hard to describe in words. And I thank Dr. Fanny and the Sistina Ophthalmology team for the confidence they gave me to do the laser diopter correction.”