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Patient’s stories for cataract surgery

“Do not go elsewhere, This is the right place for all of us!” – Dafina Janevska

Janevska Dafina from Stip, visited our newly opened diagnostic center in Stip where she was examined by Dr. Todorce Josev.

“Let the path lead you to Sistina Ophthalmology” – Svetlana Bobevska

I highly recommend everyone who has an eye problem to go to Sistina Ophthalmology. Healthy eyes and clear eyesight are the greatest treasure of every human being that has no price.

“The doctor turned, my excitement, into a beautiful atmosphere with his words” – Lila Goceva

Lila’s cataract appeared on both eyes, which is why she decided to come to the newly opened diagnostic center in Stip.

“Sistina Ophthalmology is on a par with American eye hospitals” – Liljana Sapkar Stalevska

Liljana had her left eye operated on for a cataract in America. The comparison between Sistina Ophthalmology and Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago, the process, the preparations and the course of the operation can be heard in the video.

“I feel like new thanks to the whole team” – Ana Petrusevska

In conditions of COVID -19, some of our patients are not able to come to our hospital for various reasons and thus fail to receive the necessary medical care.

“After the operation, I feel like I suddenly changed from a black and white movie to watching an HD movie in all colors.” – Rosalia K. Vasilevska

“The saying of Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski on your website: ‘Of all rights, the greatest is the human right to sight.’

“I came especially from Belgrade to your hospital, because I knew I had indulged in a system that works flawlessly!” – Nevena Trojanovic

“I came specially from Belgrade to your hospital because I knew I was indulging in a system that works flawlessly!”

“I hit the jackpot. Sistina Ophthalmology restored my eyesight” – Valentin Nikolovski

“One day after the operation, although it was like that since yesterday, I do not have any problems. “

“From the first moment when my father came out of the operating room, he told me that he could see!” – Selim Spaijoski

As we talked to Islam about his father’s experience at our clinic and his condition before the operation, we saw tears of joy in Selim’s eyes because he was finally seeing very well.

“Now I see better thanks to you” – Vancho Mihov

“I see better now thanks to you. I can go back to my daily activities and help my grandchildren with their play and education, as well as with the wonderful household chores of my wonderful wife, with whom I have been married for 40 years.”

“They implanted an intraocular lens with which I can see well” – Lazar Kocev

Lazar Kocev is 74 years old and underwent cataract surgery on his right eye in our clinic some time ago. The operation is short, painless and Lazarus went home the same day with a new sight.

“I am leaving Sistina Ophthalmology without shame and without cataract!” – Igor Dzambazov

“I am leaving Sistina Ophthalmology without shame and without cataract!” – Igor Dzambazov

“I am very grateful to the two doctors who worked as a team to help me see again.” – Kostanda Cushkar

On August 2, a day engraved in her memory, she suddenly loses her sight. After visiting several hospitals, she comes to us and stays here.

“I opened my eyes and saw crystal clear!” – Ljiljana Gjosevska

Ljiljana Gjosevska (53 years old) underwent cataract surgery (curtain) on both eyes in our clinic. Ljiljana cataract develops as a consequence of her condition – lupus (autoimmune disease).

“The wonderful team of ‘Sistina Ophthalmology’ gave me a new vision” – Zivko Popovski

Zivko Popovski (Cvetin) is 75 years old and underwent cataract surgery in our clinic. He shared his experience with us in a short video.