“As a man who almost forgot about life when I was not wearing glasses, I said to myself one day, if I find a goldfish instead of property and money and other treasures that people would usually want, the first thing I would like is to have my eyesight restored.”

Valentin Nikolovski initially received his diopter at puberty, between the eighth grade and first year of high school. As a former basketball player, he had a problem; “The basket for me was something that was felt, not seen.”

Later in life it presented a problem in the army, and already in his work life it was a serious challenge with constantly changing glasses, whether for sun or for sight.

A month ago, he underwent cataract surgery in our hospital, with the installation of multifocal lenses that allow near, middle and far vision, thus eliminating the wearing of glasses for near and far for life.

“But here at Sistina Ophthalmology, except for diopters, they discovered that it was not just that, but that I had an initial cataract in my left eye that we had waited for some time to stabilize.”

After a very quick agreement, Dr. Biljana Kostovska on the same day performed cataract surgery with the installation of multifocal lenses on both eyes.

“One day after the operation, although it was like that since yesterday, I do not have any problems and I can see as if I am wearing glasses, I would say. Yesterday they brought me and took me by car from Sistina Ophthalmology. “Today I came alone at 8:30am in the morning for a check-up and I will go driving my car by myself.”

After the intervention, Valentin made regular check-ups and as he himself stated on his Facebook page: “One month after a successful cataract surgery with the installation of multifocal lenses, under the control of Dr. Biljana Kostovska. And normally the conclusion is a super successful operation and Tino can see again like a hawk. Thank you very much, Dr. Biljana.”

Watch Valentine’s video where he explains his experience with cataract surgery and the experience in our hospital.