Regardless of all treatment options and the current situation, Nevena Trojanovic (62 years old) from Belgrade, with confidence in the professionalism of our team, solved the problem of cataracts in one day and got rid of the binoculars forever!

“I do not want to wear glasses, I do not wear them and that is why I have always wanted to get rid of them. Now finally, I got rid of the cataract with a multifocal lens and I can see great at all distances, even better than before my diopters appeared. I have lived in many places around the world such as Dubai, Kenya, etc., and now in Belgrade I have seen everything, but I am simply delighted with Sistina Ophthalmology. It reminds me of a high level hospital. Dr. Kostovska has a fantastic, personalized, friendly and professional attitude. I felt valued, respected and in safe hands. There was literally no need to ask what they were doing to me, nor to research it and know in advance why I indulged in a system that works flawlessly and is perfectly coordinated.

Because I do not like glasses, I did laser diopter correction only 11 years ago. I enjoyed the clear vision but over the years, which is quite normal, I developed cataracts in both eyes and unfortunately bleeding in one eye. Because bleeding in the eye is an emergency, I had to have surgery on time. I solved that problem and I still have cataracts in my other eye and my journey through the eye hospitals ended right here with you as the number 1 hospital in the region. “I am very happy to be back in Belgrade safe, secure and delighted with all the experience and the vision I want.”