Rozalija Karchicka Vasilevska (50 years old) from Skopje solved the problem with cataracts by implanting a monofocal intraocular lens and now enjoys the beauties of nature and performs regular work responsibilities without any problems. Read about her experience:

“The saying of Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski on your website: ‘Of all rights, the human right to sight is the greatest’ was decisive for me to make this intervention in your hospital. And I use the word intervention, not surgery because it really lasted 8 minutes! I cannot get enough of looking at colors and details now and I do not need glasses. The cataract problem started last year, but I was afraid to solve it. During this coronavirus situation, my vision began to become more sensitive and I was disturbed by computer work. I work on projects and it is very important to me that everything is completed on time. It also started to affect my character – I felt insecure and it was awkward to say that I had a problem, not to fall or stumble, etc. I was thinking about it for a year and I am sorry that I did not do the intervention earlier. Regardless of the current situation, I did the intervention at Sistina Ophthalmology because I knew that all safety measures had been taken and that I was in safe hands. “Thanks to that trust, I brought my aunt for the same intervention and we are both watching in HD now.”