Kostanda Cushkar comes from Skopje, she is 69 years old. Has been a person with diabetes for 20 years on insulin therapy. On August 2, a day engraved in her memory, she suddenly loses her sight. After visiting several hospitals, she comes to us and stays here. Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski and Dr. Fanka Gilevska take over Kostanda to finally solve her problem. Fortunately, she sees again.

“On August 2, while I was at home, I went out on the terrace and suddenly they started appearing like snakes in my eyes and I lost my sight. I got scared and called my friend who took me to the Emergency Center the same day. They told me nothing scary, but I did not see anything with my left eye in particular. We went to several hospitals in the following days, and in the end, we chose “Sistina Ophthalmology”, which we had heard about in the media before. Since I have been a person with diabetes for 20 years, and I have been on insulin therapy since 2010, it was established that diabetes caused changes in the blood vessels in my eyes and my vision became blurred. Dr. Fanka Gilevska examined me and explained in detail the overall condition and that we must act immediately to prevent further damage to blood vessels – I was given an injection in both eyes. However, that was not my only problem. I was also diagnosed with a cataract of my right eye, while my left eye was operated on a few years ago. Dr. Fanka Gilevska explained to me that I have to do cataract surgery to remove this problem, where I met Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski, to operate on me. A wonderful doctor really explained to me in detail about the operation itself, how fast, painless and I finish the same day. That’s how it was, literally through a conversation called he operated on me. I lay in the operating room bed, the doctor finished shortly and I did not feel any pain. Now I see with my right eye as I saw a few years ago, without any problem. I go back to my daily responsibilities at home, I watch my shows and series again. I am very pleased with the attitude of everyone at Sistina Ophthalmology. “Everyone is pleasant, smiling, professional and professional, and I am especially grateful to the two doctors, Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski and Dr. Fanka Gilevska, who worked as a team to help me see again.”