Очен преглед во Систина Офталмологија со пациентка и доктор за операцијата на катаракта.

Janevska Dafina from Stip, visited our newly opened diagnostic center in Stip where she was examined by Dr. Todorce Josev.

Dafina was confirmed to have a cataract diagnosis and needed surgery to remove it and give her clear vision.

Diagnosis of cataracts can only be removed with surgery.

The operation was performed by Dr. Biljana Kostovska at the Sistina Ophthalmology Surgery Center in Skopje.

“It was one of the happiest patients I have ever had in my experience as a doctor. It brightened our day and the operation ended with a song.”

For the experience in Sistina Ophthalmology Stip, hear personally from Dafina on the video below.