Lazar Kocev is 74 years old and underwent cataract surgery on his right eye in our clinic some time ago. The operation is short, painless and Lazarus went home the same day with a new sight.

“I have been wearing glasses for near and far for a long time and one day while watching sports on TV I noticed that I was not reading. I thought I had a diopter change and went to the optician to change my glasses. But when they examined me, they told me that I had cataracts in my right eye and that I had to react faster so as not to burden my left eye. I am still working so that my eyesight needs to be served and that is why I was looking for a solution immediately. I came to “Sistina Ophthalmology” for an examination with Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski. The diagnosis was confirmed by noticing that cataracts develop on the left eye, but it still does not interfere with vision, so we agreed on intervention only for the right eye. They implanted an intraocular lens with which I can see great. The intervention went well, I feel good. The vision is stabilizing and now it is up to us to monitor the condition of the left eye, so that when it is time, Dr. Zlatko will operate on it. ”