“My father is 90 years old and he has had an eye problem for the last two years – he could hardly see at all. Because of his age, we were afraid to operate on him. We came to Sistina Ophthalmology in Gostivar for an examination with Dr. Ilir Osmani and the doctor explained everything to us – how the procedure goes, why the years are not a problem and that everything will go well. The only dilemma left was whether to operate on one or both eyes on the same day. In Sistina Ophthalmology in Skopje, on the day of the operation, another control was made and according to the good results, Dr. Ilir and I decided to perform cataract surgery on both eyes. The operation lasted about an hour. We were very excited because from the first moment my father came out of the operating room he told me could see! A few days after the operation, my father is very good, he started seeing objects he had not seen before: the watch, the photos of the children, etc. This is a special feeling – I did not believe that my father would be able to see again, but the reception and explanation by the doctor convinced me of surgery. “We are very pleased with the treatment of Dr. Ilir Osmani and the entire medical staff of Sistina Ophthalmology.”